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TREND: Romantic Bangs (fringes)

oh oh Hi All :)

Today I wanted to talk about bangs. I've always been a bang person, I don't think I've had a period in my life (well.. after 15 I mean), where I was bangless. I guess it's like my security blanket since I don't have the prettiest forehead and I like to hide it.. -.-

But today I just wanted to talk about bangs. As hair styles come and go, so do trends for bangs. For example, excessive layered hair is so early-2000's, so are straight ironed, vertically-zig-zag-cut sparse bangs. The gossip girl bangs were so 2009, and the heavy straight bangs are one of the things that a lot of people should let go in 2011. Then WHAT IS the trend?
Romantic bangs!! :)
I made a tutorial on it today

(I'm wearing Neo Cosmo Glamour lens in Green in this video)

You know how a lot of people are stubborn about their bangs and like to keep then straight no matter what their hair style is? I think that habit should be tossed.
Check out what's going on in the bang (fringes) world.

- Moderate Curls -

Kumiki of popteen

Jessica (middle) of SNSD

Catherine Zeta Jones

Kumiki again

Kumiki again

another Kumiki

- A mixture between spiky straightness and curliness -

IU (Korean singer/idol)

Hilary Duff

Tiffany (SNSD - Hoot music video)

- Tighter curls & variations -

Jessica Alba

Kim Tae Hee (Korean Actress)

Angelina Jolie (zomg!!!! love it on her!)

Rachel Mcadams

Sunny (SNSD)

Taeyeon (SNSD)

Sunny again (hoot M/V)

Japanese hair model


Nana (afterschool)

Sooyoung (SNSD)

The only thing you have to be careful is your tools. If you use too thin of a curler this is what will happen.


or this LOL (it's me) - curling failed with a flat iron
I'm wearing Neo Clasmo Glamouru Lens Brown in this picture

So all you need is overgrown bangs and your curling tools. If you want the curls to be subtle, try curling soft curls (very loosely) towards the end. If you want bigger curls (like Angelina Jolie) use a bigger curler/brush. At first it might get frustrating since the styling part is the hardest, but once you get used to it, it will be an easy breezy way of taking care of your awkward bangs :)

Let me know how the curling goes :D

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OMG!! The BEST Color Contacts! (Neo Cosmo Glamour Lens)

Hi Everybody!
I'm really excited to share a review with you guys because I've been so excited about these lenses and I hope you guys will be excited too +_+

So, there's sooooo many options out there, but when it comes to preferences, I really like "as natural as possible" looks. I'm not a big fan of thick, unreal colored circle lenses, especially the ones that have those unreal thick black rings around them.
I'm sure a lot of people out there like these rings, but just registers a bit too "unnatural" looking to me. I like the meshy, dotty looking lenses that blend in well with the iris because they produce the "blended" look.

So, let's begin!! +_+
Today I'm going to go over Neo Cosmo Glamour Lens). These are harder to find then EOS or Geo lenses. So I asked Charlene from Charleneshop if she could help me out. She was generous enough to send me Brown and green lenses. If you want to check out the lenses, check out her site :)

Here are some specifications regarding NEO COSMO GLAMOUR LENS

* Disposable 1 year wear
* 14.2 mm diameter (not for enlargement purposes)
* Water Content : 45%

Obviously, these lenses aren't really meant for enlargement, but for subtle color changes in the iris. Let's start with Green (one of my favorite color when it comes to color lens).

Unless it's an oddly off-green, green lenses seem to go really well with dark brown eyes. If your original eye color can be seen (at semi-transparently) through the color of the lens, it gives you a very musky, grayish brown/green/yellow look. You just have to pick the right lenses!

This is how the lens look like when they're not in the eyes. They are tri-color lens, which claims to blend in the colors more naturally. The outer color is charcoal color, blending in with a light lemon green color, which also blends in with a yellow-brown inner color. If you look at the rim, it's not a full closed circle, but more like spiky rays, which doesn't make your iris look like it was traced with a sharpie.

Let's see how it looks like in the eye.
In dark or regular indoor lighting, the green doesn't really stand out. It rather makes your eyes look a bit gray. The spiky edges reduce the harshness of the colors and creates a soft, blurry effect around the rims.

As you can see, in excessive lightings (which I will assume you won't encounter that much in real life), the green stands out to a point where you look a bit startled (the inner ring color difference that can never be solved with color lens). Other than that, the colors blend in so well, it looks like you have this natural slightly green/gray ring on the outer edge of your iris.

Now the Brown lens.

I obsess about brown lenses. Although many people might think they don't provide any "drastic" difference, I think brown lenses are the ones that provide the most difference without letting everyone know you have made some color alterations to your eyes.
I know opinions are split down the middle regarding how light the color of the brown should be, but I like really light browns. Almost yellow/orange colored lenses. You have to take into consideration that you're layering these lenses on top of a very dark base color. If the lens color isn't as light as yellow/orange tones, it will defeat the purpose of wearing color lenses.

And Neo Cosmo really delivered well on the coloring. It reminded me of my past favorite brown lenses (Freshlook color in Hazel), but with a bit more sophistication. Although the color differences aren't as distinguishable as the greens, the tri-coloring is the same on these too.

Let's see how well it suits my eyes.

As you can see, the color looks almost identical, but a bit lighter, to the original eye color. However, when the eyes are facing some lighting or are in natural sunlight that is when the true beauty of these lenses come out. They instantly brighten up the eyes and gives you that exotic look.

They are pretty comforting to the eyes. I usually get dry, teary eyes easily, but I had these on pretty much all day long and didn't feel any discomfort. Overall, all I can say is.. "I LOVE IT!!!"

How do you guys like the lens? I know gray is one of the more popular colors, but I don't need excessive colors that much so I opted with more natural looking shades :)
I feel like even my camera couldn't catch the color differences of the lenses. I'm planning on doing a review of these - that's how much I love them (>_<)

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Work Friendly Nails :)

Yay! I'm back with nail polishes!
I've been neglecting my polishes for a while, but recently they have sparked my interest again. So might as well continue on my goal to have a large database of nail polish swatches on my blog.

Today's color is an extremely work-friendly color. I think it's a very sophisticated and mature color that could never go wrong. It doesn't scream for attention, but it doesn't turn your fingers into mannequin fingers either.
It's essie's Lyford Lilac! :)

Isn't the color beauuuuuuuuuuutiful? :) I love toned down, not-so-over-the-top (I call them 'practical') colors, and this is one of those colors. The color is a pink/mauve/lilac color all mixed together. In really life (without the camera flash and in indoor setting) it looks like it has a bit of brownishness in it too.

Here's my opinion on the polish itself.

Application: A bit watery (like most essie polishes).
Intensity: A bit sheer (needs 2-3 coats for a completely opaque look)
Finish: Cream (no glitters)
Lasting Power: 2 - 4 days with top coat before chipping starts
Color: Exactly the same as in the bottle

Some people say that it's a dupe of OPI's Barefoot in Barcelona, luckily I have the nail polish, so I compared the two :) In my humble opinion, the two aren't really comparable. As you can see in the picture below, BIB is more on the dark reddish-brown color, and Lyford Lilac has much more of a light mauve/lilac tone to it.

I think they are completely different, but if you're looking for a color that's ballpark in that brown/mauve/dusty pink shade, I guess either polishes could be okay.

* swatch photos : 2 coats + top coat
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New Sigma Brushes!! 1:1 comparison


So it's that time of the year where sigma starts to heavily distribute its new products to beauty bloggers and gurus. I was contacted and asked if I wanted to try their new Make Me Up collection, I was like "Sure.. Why not?". I'm not the biggest critic of Sigma, I think some brushes are pretty good and some sucky. So I got to choose which color I wanted and without much thinking I took the turquoise one. Black is a bit too cliche, pink seemed a bit tacky, and purple just wasn't the purple shade I wanted. So I got the make me cool - aqua set.

awww, a nice personalized card for me :)

the outer box, it's cute that Sigma has made a huge progress in their business.
I actually think the avatar is cute :) Kind of reminds me of tokidoki..

So this is what is in the set.
Yay!!!!! they finally changed all the brush names. It is a good sign since they are now trying to build their own independent image, rather than being a cheaper substitute of MAC brushes.

So this is how the set looks like when opened. Phew! I do have to complain about the factory smell tho... :/ The brushes really really smell :(
Also, a lot of people seem to rave about the new case, but I'm kind of on the fence about it. It's nice if you use the brush guards that come with the brushes, but if you are like me and just throw those away, it damages the bristles when you're putting the top on. Also, if you don't match the sides, the buckle doesn't line up. The buckles are not evenly on each side..

Anyway, I still think their brush roll is a better deal than this case.

Okay, so let's go into the 1:1 comparison. My comparisons are going to be between the newly vamped models and the corresponding models from last year.

SS187 v. F50 - The duo fiber stippling brush

Ugh, I passionately hate the stippling brushes from sigma. The black part keeps leaking dye, and it doesn't go away. No matter how many times I wash it.. it keeps leaking! :/ (as you can see in the picture, the brush is always like that..).
F50 is identical to SS187. Nothing has changed except the name. I haven't washed F50 yet, but I'm sure I'm not going to be using F50 since that's how much I loathe the leaking colors.

SS 168 v. F40 - Large Angled Contour Brush

One of my favorite brushes from Sigma brushes. The bristles are of the same material and length, but the shape and density is a bit different. SS168 is denser, and F40 sports a slimmer shape. I would personally still prefer SS168, butI will have to give F40 a bit more time to get used to.

SS224 v. E40 -Tapered Blending Brush

Another keeper from Sigma brushes. Yes, it does leak color when washed :'( but at least the bleeding stops after the water dries. The difference between the two brushes are pretty obvious to the naked eye. SS224 has shorter bristles than E40, while the density is similar.
I like E40 being longer because that gives the person a bit more control over the blending aspect. I think E40 is definitely a winner over SS224 :)

SS239 v. E55 - Eye Shading Brush

SS239 and E55 are different too. E55 is a bit slimmer with slightly longer bristles. It the difference is too subtle, I really think it's inconsequential. The model in general does a good job (but doesn't really have a wow factor, since it's pretty standard), and doesn't leak the horrible black dye.

SS209 v. E05 - Eyeliner Brush

This model too has made some alterations. E05 is definitely sleeker and thinner. SS209 is already thin enough to start with, but E05 being thinner is great news. This brush is so good for gel liners because its synthetic fibers are sturdy and it gives you great control. With the thinner model (E05), thinner lines will be easier to draw :D yay!

SS226 v. E65 - Small Angle Brush

One of the most versatile brushes, and this model hasn't changed anything. Its synthetic bristles are still the same and the same length. It is one of my favorite brushes from Sigma, and I'm glad they didn't discontinue or take it out of the essentials. :) I only have good things to say about the small angle brush.

SS227 v. E70 - Medium Angle Shading Brush

E70 has longer bristles, which will let the bristles bend more easily, giving one more control over the colors being applied. One the other hand, longer bristles also mean flicking color spots all over the place. This is one of the better brushes from Sigma (mostly because it's not a black brush that leaks color), and the performance is solid. E70 has longer bristles and is a bit fatter than the previous SS275 brush.

SS150 v. F30 -Large Powder Brush

F30 is the only brush that didn't have a direct comparable brush. SS150 is a bit too large and SS 109 is wayy too small. F30 somehow comes in the middle of SS150 and SS109. As you can see in the pictures, F30's bristles are a bit longer than the SS150 brush, and the density is definitely less than that of SS150. I find it interesting.. :)

SS219 v. E80 - The Pencil Brush

SS219 was one of the most disappointing brushes from the Sigma set last year. It is extremely flimsy and the performance just doesn't live up to what it's suppose to do. E80 looks similar, but if you look at it up close, it is sharper in shape, however made with the same material.
SS219 is rounder and tends to bend and spread out its bristles easily. E80 is sharper and has made a bit of an improvement compared to SS219.

SS252 v. E60 - Large Shader

E60 is definitely bigger, denser, and longer than its previous model. The bristles are nice since they don't leak color, and the brush is a good investment since it packs on color pretty well.

SS194 v. F70 - Concealer Brush

Synthetic brush that is dedicated to concealing. There were no notable changes in the brush. I find this brush a bit awkward, since it seems a bit too big to blend concealer, and it's rigid synthetic fibers limits other uses of the brush. But nonetheless, it's pretty functional once you figure out how to use it.

I think that's about it :)
Over all, I think Sigma is doing a good job finding independence in its brand. The majority of the brushes are pretty useable and nice, so I hope I helped those that were curious about the differences and improvements.

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