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OMG!! The BEST Color Contacts! (Neo Cosmo Glamour Lens)

Hi Everybody!
I'm really excited to share a review with you guys because I've been so excited about these lenses and I hope you guys will be excited too +_+

So, there's sooooo many options out there, but when it comes to preferences, I really like "as natural as possible" looks. I'm not a big fan of thick, unreal colored circle lenses, especially the ones that have those unreal thick black rings around them.
I'm sure a lot of people out there like these rings, but just registers a bit too "unnatural" looking to me. I like the meshy, dotty looking lenses that blend in well with the iris because they produce the "blended" look.

So, let's begin!! +_+
Today I'm going to go over Neo Cosmo Glamour Lens). These are harder to find then EOS or Geo lenses. So I asked Charlene from Charleneshop if she could help me out. She was generous enough to send me Brown and green lenses. If you want to check out the lenses, check out her site :)

Here are some specifications regarding NEO COSMO GLAMOUR LENS

* Disposable 1 year wear
* 14.2 mm diameter (not for enlargement purposes)
* Water Content : 45%

Obviously, these lenses aren't really meant for enlargement, but for subtle color changes in the iris. Let's start with Green (one of my favorite color when it comes to color lens).

Unless it's an oddly off-green, green lenses seem to go really well with dark brown eyes. If your original eye color can be seen (at semi-transparently) through the color of the lens, it gives you a very musky, grayish brown/green/yellow look. You just have to pick the right lenses!

This is how the lens look like when they're not in the eyes. They are tri-color lens, which claims to blend in the colors more naturally. The outer color is charcoal color, blending in with a light lemon green color, which also blends in with a yellow-brown inner color. If you look at the rim, it's not a full closed circle, but more like spiky rays, which doesn't make your iris look like it was traced with a sharpie.

Let's see how it looks like in the eye.
In dark or regular indoor lighting, the green doesn't really stand out. It rather makes your eyes look a bit gray. The spiky edges reduce the harshness of the colors and creates a soft, blurry effect around the rims.

As you can see, in excessive lightings (which I will assume you won't encounter that much in real life), the green stands out to a point where you look a bit startled (the inner ring color difference that can never be solved with color lens). Other than that, the colors blend in so well, it looks like you have this natural slightly green/gray ring on the outer edge of your iris.

Now the Brown lens.

I obsess about brown lenses. Although many people might think they don't provide any "drastic" difference, I think brown lenses are the ones that provide the most difference without letting everyone know you have made some color alterations to your eyes.
I know opinions are split down the middle regarding how light the color of the brown should be, but I like really light browns. Almost yellow/orange colored lenses. You have to take into consideration that you're layering these lenses on top of a very dark base color. If the lens color isn't as light as yellow/orange tones, it will defeat the purpose of wearing color lenses.

And Neo Cosmo really delivered well on the coloring. It reminded me of my past favorite brown lenses (Freshlook color in Hazel), but with a bit more sophistication. Although the color differences aren't as distinguishable as the greens, the tri-coloring is the same on these too.

Let's see how well it suits my eyes.

As you can see, the color looks almost identical, but a bit lighter, to the original eye color. However, when the eyes are facing some lighting or are in natural sunlight that is when the true beauty of these lenses come out. They instantly brighten up the eyes and gives you that exotic look.

They are pretty comforting to the eyes. I usually get dry, teary eyes easily, but I had these on pretty much all day long and didn't feel any discomfort. Overall, all I can say is.. "I LOVE IT!!!"

How do you guys like the lens? I know gray is one of the more popular colors, but I don't need excessive colors that much so I opted with more natural looking shades :)
I feel like even my camera couldn't catch the color differences of the lenses. I'm planning on doing a review of these - that's how much I love them (>_<)

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