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Cleaning up your nail polish

When it comes to self-polishing, you'll always have the risk of screwing up. I never took nail polishing a serious activity and my mind set was "oh well, as long as there's color on the nail!". But if you look at professionally done nails, it's always clean and crisp.
One thing that is important (and what people often look over) is where the nail polish is applied. You shouldn't fill in you nails all the way up to your cuticles (I didn't know that at first :p), and subtle differences do look a lot different at the end.

So, what's a good and bad example of nail polish application?
I've went through my past swatch photos and brought out some.

- Good -

- Bad -

Uneven & covering the cuticle area

Pushed all the way into the cuticle zone

Shamelessly overspilling on to the cuticle

So what happens if you ALMOST make it, but have rough zig-zag shapes like below?

you can use a brush, some nail polish remover and a swab to make your imperfections prefect! :D

hope you guys enjoy!


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Oh, halted..

Hi Everyone,

My laptop hard drive failed on me the other day and I can't do anything about the files that are in there until I find a solution. It's kind of a bummer since I was at the home stretch with the video I was editing *cries*

I'm waiting for my software CDs to arrive from LA and they are expected to arrive on Saturday, so things will be slow til then. I thought I was able to devote more time to the blog while waiting for things to settle down, but I don't have Photoshop installed on the iMac and I can't resize my pictures :/ I like sizing my pictures in a particular way and I can't do it without photoshop.

Videowise - I do have some raw footage leftover in my camcorder, but I'll have to start editing all over again for lipstick collection #4. I do have iMovie on here, but I just can't edit videos on iMovie.. It restrains too much of what I want to do compared to final cut pro.

My lipstick swatches are all gone too - they are all trapped in the damaged hard drive, so I don't know what I should do :'( I was planning to post everything as a single post when the 4th part came out, but it seems really murky on what I should do.

Anyway, sorry about the delay.
I'll try to keep things interesting :/

btw, did you guys watch Brit's new video?
I like the scene where she's fighting herself :p

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NOTD: Zoya Cassi

I think this is the first post for zoya nail polishes.
Today's color is Cassi.

Zoya Nail Polish | Cassi

Color Description of Zoya Nail Polish Cassi

Zoya Nail Polish in Cassi can be best described as: Light warm peachy-pink with coral tones and sparkling white gold shimmer. An undeniably girly shade for fingers and toes.

Color Family Corals

Finish Metallic

Intensity 5 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque )

Tone Warm

Original Collection Twist

Nail Polish: Important Information

Nail Polish: Maximizing Wear

(Information from

All photos were taken with the flash on

Cassi is a pretty coral color, but it isn't as opaque as zoya says it is. I had to apply three thick coats and a top coat and still I could see through the polish.
It looks pretty glittery in pictures, but in real life it's hard to spot the shimmer. I guess it's a nice and girly color, but nothing really special. I was very impressed with another color from zoya (zara), but this nail polish doesn't impress me that much.
It's nice that it's vegan friendly and all the other stuff zoya claims it to be, but other than that the polish is average.
I had to pile up three coats, so the surface dents easily and the third finger is already pealing.

Color: 7/10 (nothing reaaaaaallllly special) - it's just a coral/pink, like a nail polish version of MAC's ever hip lipstick with shimmers in it
Application: 7/10
Intensity: 5/10 (pretty sheer compared to other opaque zoyas)

What do you guys think? I think I won't have a problem with using it every now and then, but I definitely wouldn't buy it again. Overall, my zoya experience so far is more of a thumbs down. They have really bad customer service (like worst ever), and the polishes don't really live up to the hype :/ Anyway, I have a lot more to review, so let's hope that the other colors don't disappoint so much.

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Healthy Snacking :)

I was watching MTV's I used to be fat and snacking on my usual snack - and suddenly wanted to share my snacking tips with you guys :)

I've always had a sweet tooth since I was a baby. I used to live off of cookies and candies before I started to take my diet and health seriously. I've been through a lot of diets, and the hardest part was cutting out snacks and sweets I so loved to stuff my face with.

I somehow accidentally came up with this recipe a while ago.

This snack is super healthy and super easy to make. (I don't have a name for it :/ I guess it can be fruit yogurt smoothie?)

All you need is yogurt (nonfat!, if you get anything else, the sugary taste really ruins the whole taste).

I like to use Wallaby Organic nonfat creamy plain Australian style yogurt. Alone it tastes really yucky. I mean I'm extremely used to low sodium and bland food, but this yogurt is just blehhhh.. on its own. BUT, it's the best base for this snack because it has a sour taste that accentuates the sweetness of the fruits.
If you use anything other than nonfat, it defeats the whole purpose of healthy snacking.

Next, you'll need frozen fruit. (If you're an organic nut like me, definitely go organic :D)

I usually buy whole foods or trader joe's brand. The price is 3.00 - 5.00ish per bag, so it's a pretty sweet deal.

Next all you have to do is mix the two!
(I usually pour 2/3 cup of yogurt and 2-3 huge spoonful of frozen fruit)

And you have your healthy snack!!!
I know it looks bland, but you have to try it - the fruit tastes really good :) and since the fruit is frozen, it chills the blend and makes it taste like slurpee.

I've tried strawberries, rasberries, blueberries, mango and pineapples so far. I prefer blueberries.
If you feel like it's too bland for you you can add a bit of honey or a couple of raisins to the mix - but I would really recommend just mixing the yogurt and frozen fruit. If you add too much sugary stuff, it will defeat the purpose of trying to stay healthy.

For those that don't do grocery shopping, you can ask your mom (or whoever goes to the market) to buy you these ingredients since they are both healthy and inexpensive. I usually squeeze out 4 - 5 servings per container, but you can control the amount you want to eat. It's very filling and better than a bag of chips.

Hope this helps!


PS. I am not affiliated with any of the brands featured. But half jokingly, I need some medal from Wallaby - I've bought a boat load of their products already and I think I deserve a VIP status LOL
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