Cleaning up your nail polish

When it comes to self-polishing, you'll always have the risk of screwing up. I never took nail polishing a serious activity and my mind set was "oh well, as long as there's color on the nail!". But if you look at professionally done nails, it's always clean and crisp.
One thing that is important (and what people often look over) is where the nail polish is applied. You shouldn't fill in you nails all the way up to your cuticles (I didn't know that at first :p), and subtle differences do look a lot different at the end.

So, what's a good and bad example of nail polish application?
I've went through my past swatch photos and brought out some.

- Good -

- Bad -

Uneven & covering the cuticle area

Pushed all the way into the cuticle zone

Shamelessly overspilling on to the cuticle

So what happens if you ALMOST make it, but have rough zig-zag shapes like below?

you can use a brush, some nail polish remover and a swab to make your imperfections prefect! :D

hope you guys enjoy!