Blogtv Fiasco

Hi Everyone,

I had a video inviting people to my blogtv up on youtube yesterday (oops, I started writing this post on Monday and it's Tuesday already), and it's the story of my life, but things didn't go all that well. I haven't been on blogtv for over a year and I wasn't expecting any technical difficulties. But as soon as I popped in, I realized I couldn't get my isight working and it took almost 4 hours to figure out what the problem was :/
I really wanted to apologize to those that waited and had to go with disappointment. I felt so bad, I was sweating and stressing out. I'm really really sorry things went down like that.

We decided to do another Blogtv since my isight is fixed. It's probably going to this Saturday or Sunday (and I'm going to start earlier :) so please stay tuned for any announcements!

FOTD I guess? :p