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Missha Lipstick Swatches, as promised ;)

Hi All,

I said on my previous, previous post that I would upload some swatches of the lipsticks I recently got from Missha. I tried them all on and tested each of them for a full day and added some short reviews to the lipsticks. I think the thing about missha lipsticks is, you have to have pretty nice lips to wear the lipstick. If you have dry, chapped lips like me you might want to smooth it out first.

Just to recap, these are the lipsticks (yay for spring pink!!!)

and these were the swatches on the skin. (MAC NC20)

Missha The Style Creamy Matte Lip Rouge PK02 - Dear Rose

My fav out of the four I got. Reason being is, it's the most opaque color with a very nice reddish tea rose color to it. It's not a tacky pink color, so even if you have super pale or super dark skin, I think it will fit very well with any skin tone. It looks sheer when swatched on the skin, but it does apply quite pigmented on the lips. It is a matte color, but like all the other colors in the line, it's not 100% matte - it still gives you minimal glossiness. I do have to admit, it is more on the drying side, and as warned, if you have dry lips like me, it could look like a disaster without prior lipblaming.

Color: 5/5
Pigmentation: 4/5
Lasting power: 2.5/5
Moisturizing power: 2/5
Price: 3/5 (12.99 USD)

Missha M Luminous Color Lip Rouge PK102

The M Luminous line lipsticks are definitely more pigmented than the matte lip rouge line products. It's also more creamy and thick. The swatch on the skin gives an illusion of a sheer lipstick, but when applied, it's nowhere near sheer. Compared to the other three lipsticks, the color is a tad bit darker (with a hint of gray as the undertone), but still in the rose pink category. It lacks the "artificial" or "plastic" coloring of the lovely angel and dear rose lipsticks. I think the lasting power of the M luminous line is better than the matte lip rouge line.

Color: 4/5
Pigmentation: 4.5/5
Lasting power: 3.5/5
Moisturizing power: 3/5
Price: 3/5 (14.99 USD)

Missha The Style Creamy Matte Lip Rouge PK01 - Lovely Angel

It looks similar to PK02 (dear rose), but when applied on the lips, it's a bit different. Lovely Angel is a brighter tone with a bit of coral in it, which makes it look lighter and brighter on the skin. Although the coral aspect is barely noticeable to the naked eye, I do think it somehow distinguishes itself from Dear Rose with that subtle coral tint. Like the other lipsticks in the line, it is quite drying, and lasting power isn't that great

Color: 4.5/5
Pigmentation: 3/5
Lasting power: 2.5/5
Moisturizing power: 2/5
Price: 3/5 (12.99 USD)

Missha M Luminous Color Lip Rouge BE203

BE203 is a beige/nude lipstick with a pink undertone to it. I guess the pinkness embedded in the color adds a bit of a natural look to the lips, but this color just doesn't fly with me. It seems to wash out my complexion, and makes me look like I just have colorless, dry lips. I think it will look better on those that have darker skin tones, but for my asian & pale skin, it just doesn't do. The texture is creamy and lasting power is longer compared to the matte lip rouge colors. (Sorry I don't have a face swatch. I accidentally deleted from my camera)

Color: 4/5
Pigmentation: 4.5/5
Lasting power: 3.5/5
Moisturizing power: 3/5
Price: 3/5 (14.99 USD)

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BoA Inspied look

This is the year-end performance that I specifically referred to.

Below are some screen captures of the performance.

Oi, sorry. I'll add more substance to this post tonight :'( Sorry, just wanted to upload the pictures for reference for now!

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Missha Haulage :)

Oi, I'm sorry I'm posting this so late, but I hope they keep the sale going for a couple of days!
Missha us ( had a spring sale, which meant everything was 30% off!
So, I couldn't just sit around and suck my thumb, I grabbed some stuff I was eyeing :)

So, shall we start?

Today I'm going to focus my reviews on these palettes.
Missha's new Signiture Velvet Art Shadow Palettes (1-5).
Normally, they are 22.99 e/a, but with the sale I got them for 16.09 each!! (yay!)

This is how the case looks like.
Sturdy and well built, I love it :)

Flash on

Flash off, natural lighting.

This is how big the palette is.

And it comes with a diagram of how to apply the shadows accordingly.

#1 is Plum Combination

1. Highlight color
2. Point color
3. Base color
4. Liner color
Out of the colors, I like the point color the best!
As you can see, the colors in the palette look a bit dull, but when you swatch them, the colors are pretty nice. I think the Plum Combo is quite a keeper.

#2. Peach Combination

The colors look totally different on the swatch and I think it's because of the lighting.
The swatch is a bit more accurate of how the colors actually come out.
If you are into peachy colors, this is an interesting palette, but I don't think it's all that intriguing. It was a bit of a disappointment :(

#3. Khaki Combination

This palette swatched the best.
All of the colors are pretty but I like the liner color the best.
This one's a keeper too!

#4. Brown Combination

I have too many brown, nude colors, I was hesitant about this one, but I decided to buy it since it will be weird to only have 4 out of 5 palettes.
The colors are as shown. If you are a beginner, I think this is an essential palette, but if you already have 500 kinds of browns like me, it's not worth the investment.

#5. Silver Combination

I thought it was going to be named blue, but I guess silver won the name.
This one I like!
I've noticed that the darker colors swatch better and have better pigmentation.
The navy blue (4.liner color) is very pretty, and it could be used as a eye shadow too.

All in all, I like #3 and #5 palette the most.

Just to re-cap, below is a closeup of the palettes :)

Next is Lipsticks!!
I can NEVER go makeup shopping without buying at least one lipstick.
I actually bought 5, but one is a backup of Missha M Luminous Color CR302 (since they seem to have been discontinued in Korea).

The colors are pretty similar, but I decided to go with beautiful rosy colors that would look good for spring and summer :)
I love all of the colors!

(L-R: PK02 Dear Rose, M Luminous Color PK102, Lovely Angel PK01, M Luminous BE203)

Swatches were taken on my skin
* I'll do a lip swatch on my next post - I took a shower and didn't want to put anything on my face

Next are polishes!
I think Missha came out with these when OPI came out with the crackle polishes, but it works by the same logic. only had three colors, and I had to have all three.
The original price is 6.99, but I got them on sale for 4.89 each :)

(L-R: LBK01, LBR01, LBL03)

I tried out all three colors

I actually only did one coat to see how they turned out.
I applied Blue first, followed by brown and then black. As you can see, blue has the best crack, and black was still in the process of cracking up when I took the picture.
They dry matte, but if you like them glossy, you can apply a top coat like I did.

If you want more cracks, you can apply another coat of it.
I do have to advise that you apply the polish as thin as possible. If you get greedy and apply a chunk of the polish, it won't crack (like the black one demonstrated above).

Overall, I think I did well with the shopping since I like most of the stuff I got :D hehe

I'm sorry the update on this blog is slow.
I'll see you guys in my next post!!

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