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Hi all,

Sorry about neglecting this blog for a while. A lot of things have happened, and I am going through a lot in my life. I wish I could share, but everything is up in the air and the moment, so I will keep things to myself - but I promise, I'll let you guys know any good news that come around in my life :)

So, shall we get started?

Today I'm going to do a review on a couple of headbands I was sent from Sproos Shop, an online accessory shop. I was sent a couple of items to review (but only items! I don't get paid a penny to share my thoughts and opinions on products :p). If you want a 5% discount code, you can type in "cl5" during checkout, and you will get a 5% off your total :)

I've always been very VERY hesitant about putting anything on my head (hats, pins, ribbons, headbands, you name it!). My head was never the small, round and pretty type. I've always had a huge head with square corners which made my head look enormously big like a giant television head. -_-;; I was never aware of how huge of a head I had until one day, when I was in high school, my then-BFF laughed at me and told me my sparkly headband made my head look even bigger. I guess I could have laughed it off, since she was half-joking, but I took that sparkly headband off and never ventured to put another headband on my head until today. So, this review is a pretty big step for me LOL.

A lot of wild, chic looking headbands have been a trend in many countries (ahem, Asia) during the past few years. After the whole 80's hippie style went cold in early 2009, decorative and more girly headbands started to emerge. Mostly huge ribbon headbands, satin sleek or fancy adornments on one side of the head were prominent.
Most of the styles that I am going to review are like those that are still considered trendy.

The first one is The Beaded Bliss Headband

I do have to admit, at first I was very "eh..." about it when I took it out. I am very conservative when it comes to fashion, and I don't like funky, adventurous styles. I thought the headband was too loud and eye-catching before I tried it on.

The back has a outlined padding to prevent the shape from curling or deforming.

If I were at a store, it's probably the last style I'd look at or even try. But I guess I really shouldn't jump to conclusions or judge the book by its cover. I tried it on and instantly fell in love with it.
The S shape of the beaded part sits on the head without any gaps between the head. It feels like it's a part of my head, and the band isn't too tight - which is good, because tight bands give me a headache.

Here's a different lighting..

not too loud, and just enough! I love how it harmonizes with the hair, instead of the tip curling upwards. I think this is my favorite out of the bunch! :)

Next is Forget Me Knot

This is the one that I instantly liked (before I tried any of the headbands on). It has two tones of turquoise checkered satin wrapped around a 2 inch thick band.

There's a knot on one side, and the knotted upper part has a bit of 'flab' wider than the band.

Here's how it looks on the head.

It's pretty nice to wear casually. The bottom part is soft, so it's not going to provide the friction to hold back your bangs or hair out of your face. It's more of a decorative headband that just sits there and stays pretty. I tried washing my face with all my hair pulled back with the headband, and it tended to slide forward while I was washing my face.

Next is L Erickson Metal Blossom Headband

This is a very girly and shiny headband. The sparkly parts of the flower reminds me of my sparkly headband I had back in high school :p

It's a very simple design. Two metal bands connected at each end with a flower on one side. It kind of reminds me of the J.Estina headband Seohyun wore.

My bangs aren't long enough to part it like her, but here's how the headband looks like on my head.

Here's a close up of the flower.

I don't really have anything bad about this headband. It's perfect for any occasion, and I think it's girly and a very safe choice :)

Next is Night's Black Feather Headband

I love feather headbands! There's a lot of variations regarding feather headbands, but this is more of the standard design.

The feathers are all sturdy and in place. I have to give a thumbs up for them staying in shape no matter how many times I put it on and take it off. The end is ornate with a small ribbon.

I would have liked it more if I had lighter hair color. At the current moment, my hair is dark brown (but still a bit lighter than natural black), and the feathers just blend right in with my hair. I think red heads, or light browns with warm tones will really rock this headband!

After abusing the contrast.. You can see how the feathers hug the head.

I would have liked it more if it were white like this :p

Next are pretty basic designs.
First is the Double the Fun White Headband

It's pretty standard. You can't really go wrong with such basic designs :)

And Winning Blue Ribbon Headband

It has ribbons connected at the end of the band so you can tie it behind your head.
Here's a famous picture of the queen of pretty headbands (Paris Hilton :p)

The blue color is really pretty. I wasn't sure how big my bow should be, and I ended up making it a bit big (which made me look like a maid.. - _-)

My bangs start way back - so usually the headbands sit further back :p

Last but not least, Pink Flower Headband

I love the dusty pink color, but for some reason, it doesn't fit me well. The roundness is somewhat off, and a small gap happens to form on top of my head.

The rose is pretty big. I didn't capture it well, but it is made of satin and mesh. The flabs go beyond the width of the band, which make the headband look more like a scarf tied up.

Oh, I almost forgot. I received two pin on stuff (one flower and one bow). I personally like the bow, since it has a 'roar' in its name :p

Here's the Cheetah's Roar Ribbon (although cheetahs don't roar :p)

Here's how they meow or chirp. So cute!!

As you can see, it has a pin and a clip in the back.

I tried it on my head :p I just clipped my hair, and it seems to work out great!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

I'll see you guys in my next post :)

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