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Busy Busy!!!

Hi All,

I'm sorry about the infrequent posts.
What I've been up to lately is ..


I'm moving again!!

I think the last time I was complaining about moving was back in 2009, when I just started Youtubing and I had to move my stuff out of my apartment near my school and completely move down to where I'm living right now.
Well, this time, it's a bit different. I'm not moving within Manhattan, I'm actually moving out of New York City, out of New York, out of the East Coast and to the west west west!!

Yes, for those of you who follow me on twitter probably got some heads up, but I am moving to LA. I'm actually from San Diego, so I don't think socal will be all so exciting and new, but I've never lived in LA, so we will see how things go there :)

Good thing is - you guys won't have to hear the crazy street noise in my videos again. To be honest, I'm pretty high up from the street, and unless I live on the 60th floor, I can't avoid the damn street noise :'( With the price I'm paying to stay in NYC, I think I could do so much better in other places (not that good areas in LA is any cheaper ..*sigh*).

The not so fun part is packing. I don't have enough stuff to use a moving company so I have to pack things up and ship them out individually by fedex. It's time consuming since every thing in this apartment is so compact and efficiently packed up, every time I open something, tons of stuff explode out. So, my packing can't catch up to the speed of things spilling out... haha.

Ideally, I would want to film at least two videos before I leave New York (I leave on the 25th!! That's one week from now and I'm not even sure if I can meet the deadline at this speed!), and meet with everyone I have to one last time, do a moving sale on the blog, ship everything out and go to my alma mater and get my alumni card.

I am running on full gear and deprived of sleep, but feeling extremely happy since I am making a huge move in my life. I feel lucky and grateful that I can do what I want to do, move where I want to move and still feel pretty optimistic about my choices in life. :) I guess that's the great thing about being young and free. I hated my gypsy-like life, constantly moving around with no place to call it my roots, but having a chance to live in all these major cities is pretty exciting too.

Please bear with my slowness, and I will try to update more often.

As for now,

I am scrabbling :'( wahhhhh..hahah :p

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