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Shay Mitchell Inspired Look

Please check out my Shay Mitchell inspired look if you haven't already. :)

This was the picture I was asked to recreate

Lately, I feel like my videos are failing to meet my expectations. A lot of factors are thrown into the picture. One of the biggest reason is my unstable environment. I have been busy packing and moving around since the beginning of June, and I am still not settled in at a permanent place. I have a big trip to Korea soon, which will be another extension of my ever-moving situation, and after that trip, I will have to be working my tushy off while making the final move to LA. With my makeup and stuff all spread over the place (some in LA, some in Dallas, some left behind in New York and some lost in transit *tear*), I constantly face a frustrating situation. It isn't practical to ship my existing makeup to wherever I am, since there's a high possibility I won't be there to receive it, and the price of shipping is likely to be higher than just buying new makeup. I'm pretty much in the middle of nowhere, which makes going shopping to physical stores impractical (going back and forth seems to take all day long). Online shopping is the best option, but at this point, I won't be here to receive my packages, and I'll have time to open them AFTER I come back from my Korean trip.

These are the only products I have at the moment. I don't know why I brought so many foundations with me LOL

So, that being said, I do have to admit, I feel very restrained and lost with my limited amount of resources. But please bear with me! I am at a turning point in my life and I have to juggle a lot of things at once to adjust to this sudden change. I don't want other things in my life interfering with my youtube videos, but when it does happen, please have a big heart and understand my chaotic (I promise it's going to be temporarily chaotic!) situation :)

I love you all!


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