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Small Giveaway (CLOSED)

Hey Guys,

Sorry about the delay, but here's a small giveaway to my blog supporters.
I know I've been infrequent with my postings, but I really, truly thank you guys for hanging in there with me. :)

I wish I could give out more, but as of now, this is what I have for my blog giveaway.
I will be going to Korea more often, so next time I promise I'll bring back more stuff!

As for the arranging and picking, my snow leopard did the job :p

The prizes are..

1 Hanskin Annapre Prefect Veil Luxury makeup primer (green)
2 Thefaceshop Black head ex nose clay mask (you can read a review here).
1 Innisfree green tea mineral mist
1 innisfree Jeju volcanic nose pack
+ other small samples I got but forgot to include.

You can watch the related video posted below.

The Black head ex nose clay mask is by far the most popular post on this blog, so you can check it out here.
If you want more goodies, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel since I will be posting a bigger giveaway video shortly.


- I actually go to your profile and check, so if you are not a follower, no need to dilute the chances of my real followers.
- If you have my blog on feed or any other following method, I will ask for a screenshot of it.

- If you have any suggestions about the blog, posting periods, picture qualities, etc. you wanted to tell me, please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section. If not, you can simply write "enter me."
- Only entries posted on the comment section will be considered. I can not manually enter people in the contest that have contacted me via e-mail or any other contact method.

I'm not sure if I'm going to give the prizes out to one person, or two - but I'll let you guys know how the prizes are going to be distributed when the giveaway ends.

Giveaway will be open to US domestic AND international followers.
However, if the prizes are to go internationally, there may be restriction, customs and taxes that have to be paid at the entry of the country (it really depends on the country you are in). Those fees will be have to be paid by the recipient.

I believe my blog comments automatically convert to moderation mode after 5 days of posting.
So once the comment posting is converted to moderation mode, the giveaway is over (Aug. 26 - Aug. 31)

Alright guys, have fun :)

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