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Stuff thus far

Hello everyone.

I've been having a hard time dealing with my hair lately. It's beyond damage, and frizzed up like a lion's main, so I had to take a chop at it.
Getting a trim in New York was anywhere between 75 dollars - 300 dollars. So, Korea's 20,000 won (a little shy of 20 dollars) cut was a super bargain for me! :D
I went to Ja3 (JaThree?) salon in Myongdong and got a 20% DC from the original 25,000 won price. If you are in Korea, or if you have a chance to visit AND you want your hair done, you should visit them since they are having their 30th anniversary discount event. Cuts and trimming are 20% off, and other services are 30% off. Different locations offer different discounts, so try doing some research before you head off. :)

요즘들어 머리 관리가 굉장히 힘들었는데, 어느 정도였냐면 사자머리가 될 정도로 머리가 너무 상해서 관리가 안될 정도였습니다. 주말에 시간도 좀 남고 해서 머리를 좀 다듬기로 결심했습니다.
뉴욕에 있었을 때는 머리 다듬는것만 75불 (8만원 정도) 에서 300불 (30만원 이상)까지 하늘높은 줄 모르는 가격이었어요. 그래서 한국의 2만원 컷은 저에게 무지 반가운 소식이었지요 ^__^*
저는 쟈쓰리 명동점을 갔어요. 쟈쓰리는 제가 고딩때 잠깐 한국에서 학교 다녔을 때 베프랑 도곡점 다녔었는데, 알고보니 올해가 30주년이더라구요. 그래서 지금 쟈쓰리 지점들 다 20-30% 할인행사를 하고 있답니다. 머리 해야 하는 분들은 기회를 이용하세용~~

So, here's the aftermath of my venture to Myongdong

Hehe.. I like the fact that I can brush my hair without ripping out a handful of tangled hair :p
Oh, and I have this really bad(?) habit when going to beauty places (med spas, salons, aesthetic spas..etc), which is buying store products before leaving. I spent more money on these products than on my actual cut.

I bought these two products because I was shocked to hear that my hair is thinning and I have patchy spots where I am losing hair (what?!) around my crown. The blue bottle is a scalp nutrition ample that you spray on your scalp once a day after shampooing. It leaves this really tingly feeling for a while and feels like mint on your scalp.
The white bottle is soothing essence for my dehydrated hair.

The reason why my hair was so big and frizzy is because it was deprived of proper nutrition and hydration. I complained that I didn't like applying essence products because it makes my hair greasy and yuck. My hair is oily to begin with, and I didn't like the idea of soaking it with more oiliness. The stylist told me that I had to apply a water base essence rather than an oil base. So, being the easily persuaded me, I bought the aqua-based essence too. :p

As for some tips with hair care, I think taking care of the scalp is extremely important for healthy hair. Of course hydrating the ends to prevent dryness is important too, but providing good nutrition and allowing proper circulation is essential for healthy roots and strong hair. Also, dry and flaky scalp prevents regular hair growth because it clogs up the openings, reducing the amount of hair growth.
Just invest a couple of minutes per day and try to massage your scalp with the tip of your fingers to stimulate circulation. Also, if you're in front of a desk or crouched in front of the computer all day long, try relaxing your neck and shoulders to provide a good flow of blood to your head. I've been really bad with my posture and not caring about circulation, but the alarming news of losing hair *sob* made me feel a bit more alert about how every little habit effects my appearance.

If you are reading this post, stop what you are doing, straighten up your back and try to loosen the muscles around your neck and shoulders to release the tension. Massage your scalp from the middle of your head around the crown, all the way down to the temples by applying some pressure with the tip of your fingers. :)

This is quite belated, but I guess I'll post it since I'm feeling a bit homesick at the moment.

Some of you might know, some might not, but I'm in Korea until the 17th. The reason is vacation + business I guess? I've left New York, and instead of heading straight to LA, I'm staying in Texas for a short period of time to work on a project I've wanted to do for a while. That project is one of the main reasons I've left New York, so I guess you guys can stay tuned since it is launching in late August or early September.

Leaving New York was a bit surreal, and I wanted to dedicate a post to it, but I somehow lost the right timing for it. I've lived in New York for 6 years, and the time there was great. There's this magic to the city and I feel very lucky to have actually lived, graduated school and worked in New York.

This was my first taste of New York. It was the very first picture I took when I was at JFK in 2005. I was very impressed with the clear sky, and amazed at the view of the city when I first went into Manhattan. I was very optimistic about my future in New York, and looking back, I think I have accomplished almost everything I could in New York.

I spent my roaring 20's in the bustling city, I went to a great school, I met some of the smartest people on the face of earth, I took many classes taught by Nobel laureates, I met great people in general, I had a great job, I lived in one of the most famous places on earth, I went to so many great world-class restaurants, I've set foot into one of the toughest industries to get into, I went to awesome museums whenever I wanted to, I jogged in central park in the mornings, I've had my share of sticking my foot in a closing subway door to force it open, I had a good piece of the delivery food scene, and the best part is, I met the love of my life in New York.

Here are some of my souvenirs from New York.

me, having fun at school

me at the Rockefeller skating rink on x-mas eve :p

resting @ central park...with my precious whole foods bag

rainbow room

Lincoln center after an opera

at boyfriend's graduation

at MoMA, cafe 2 has really good stuff to eat

sleepless nights, consumed with writing essays, were rewarded with beautiful sunrises

peaceful scene at central park north

a view from my apartment building in midtown (3:00 AM)

..and my last glimpse of the city while heading to JFK

I regret not taking a lot of pictures during my stay there. If you are planning to move to New York, or if you are already living there, all I want to say is "enjoy!" I think New York is a special experience and I hope everyone who has a chance will cherish their stay in the magical city.

Hehe, thanks for reading this long post.
I have bought some goodies for a blog giveaway today, so stay tuned for that too!
I will post the giveaway once I get back to the states.


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