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Missoni For Target Haul

Hey everyone,

I had to go to Target today to buy some clamp lights. As I was walking in, I was somehow drawn to the accessories section, where I saw some nice looking leggings (or I thought they were). I was looking at them and noticed missoni written on the tag. It hit my mind that Target was all crazy with the 'Missoni for Target' thing!

So I started hurrying around trying to grab what was left in the store.
The Target I went to is always pretty empty. Luckily, a lot of missoni stuff there were just all over the place (unlike other places where people fight over anything missoni). The only thing that was bugging me was my mom and dad waiting on me, so I was rushing myself around the store.

Here's what I got.

I love this ad. I didn't notice the shoes, but when I first saw this I definitely thought the hosiery was pretty cool. The very leggings I was drawn to were the last black pair of these tights!!! Yay!!

They only had size M/T left, which I don't mind. As long as my legs fit in there, I'm fine!
I love tights/leggings/stockings/hosiery (whatever you wish to call it) during the winter because I tend to wear a lot of skirts.

These are 16 dollars and I think out of everything I got, I love these the most.
They are sooooooo thick and soft! If only they had more blacks and browns, I would've stocked up on these in a heartbeat.

You can see the missoni signature wave on it.

Stretch, stretch, stretch!! See how thick it is? :) Oh my, can't wait to wear these!

Next are shoes.
I tweeted asking my followers if I should buy them and most of the replies were "No." Even with the majority of the people saying nay to this, I went ahead and bought it. I'm not a huge fan of suede, but the fit was surprisingly comfortable on my feet and I wanted to bring it home and see if I really didn't like it.
I do have to say, the quality isn't that great. But, for the cheap 40 dollars price tag, contrary to the popular opinion, I don't think it's all that bad. M Missoni (the lower end of the brand) itself has some pretty bad quality products (for the price you are paying!) in their line, so considering that these products were framed to fit Target's affordable price range, I'm not surprised that the shoes aren't the best in town.

So back to this lady again.
She's wearing the shoes and they look great on her!!

Here's how they look like in real life.
I think it's just enough of the accent waves.
You can wear it to anywhere (work, school, church, library, dinner, parties..) and it won't look too overly done.

The label inside. You can see how easily the suede collects dirt. This was the only pair that was fresh and clean.

hehehe.. I tried them out. I think my right foot isn't fully in! It's past 4:00 in the morning and I'm lacking effort here, haha.

Nice thick heels for added comfort.

I'm still on the fence about the shoes, but we will see. If I were still in New York, I would have returned these in fear of them splitting open while walking. But since I'm in Texas and I barely walk anymore, I might just fancy these and keep them as a souvenir. Or, be slick about it and sell them on ebay with added premium when everything runs out of stock. :p

The next two are things I got out of practicality.
First is the barrette.

I have my hear twisted up 99.9999% of the time, so this is going to be used until it breaks! :)
10 dollars for this.

And since I travel a lot, pouches always come in handy.
I got this for 12.99.
The fixtures are nice, the zipper is extremely smooth, and it doesn't have a cheap vibe. Everything is put together nicely at a very nice price!

The inside looks like this.
I could put my makeup or personal stuff in here when I travel! Yay :)

So what do you guys think? Should I keep the shoes or return them? Anything else I should get my paws on? (I'm planning to make a second round with plenty of time to browse).
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I feel like a Haulaholic

Hey everyone.
I Hauled!!!!

I kind of explained it in my video, but I am deprived of makeup!! I've been very frustrated with the fact that I don't have all of my makeup with me (the majority of it is waiting for me in LA). It's kind of like the issue with shoes when traveling. You know you're not going to wear all of the 14 pairs of shoes you took with you on a weekend trip, but you can't stand the fact that you will have to live without them in a near reach.

My haul actually started with Sisley. I just wanted one foundation, and then I started browsing other sites (mainly to see if other department stores had different shades or options), and ended up buying more than I was planning to.

Here's what I got.
I got two Dior eyeliner crayons, but they are going to be returned, so they got brutally mosaiced out :p

These two are from Sisley-Paris.
I bought the shade in #1 Ivory, which is a tad dark for me (only a little bit though!).
If you are planning to buy it online, Saks has the widest range of shades.
Bergdorf has the basic shades without the newly added + shades.

It's really light weight and the scent is amazing. BUT, the amount they give you is atrocious. I feel like I can hear my money being bled out whenever I pump out some foundation.

The blush is expensive too. There's only 4 options, so you can buy this anywhere you want to.
I haven't experienced anything particularly amazing about this blush so far. I thought the color was going to be green-pink at this type of price! There must be something I'm missing, because if this is just a regular pink as it seems.... then what a waste of money TT_TT.

Next are the Chanels.
I think Chanel runs a very tight boat when it comes to online sales. Where ever you go, Chanel products have this embeded frame that seems to be ran directly from Chanel.

I originally wanted one lipstick (#27 Talisman), and ended up grabbing more than expected.

Left to right, top to bottom: Rouge coco 32 Sycomore, Rouge coco 15 Ruban Rose, Rouge coco 19 Gabrielle, 16 Teffetas Rose, 31 Cambon, Rouge coco shine 63 Rebelle, Rouge coco 27 Talisman, Rouge coco shine 62 Monte-Carlo, Rouge Allure 80Delicieuse.

Out of the three, Rouge COCOs are the most opaque. Next comes Rouge Allure and then the Rouge COCO Shines. If you like the subtle & pretty look, I think Rouge Allures will be the best match. If you're looking for color, Cocos are hands down the best of the three. Coco shines are more like tinted balms. I don't get a kick out of the barely-there application. I like my colors thick and creamy, haha.

Chanel lipsticks all have a very rosy and girly scent to them. The application is so creamy and moisturizing, you'll get a makeup orgasm from it.
They may seem a bit expensive, but I personally don't think it's a waste of money. Drug store products are jacking up their prices lately so, let's say, a decent drugstore lipstick is usually 7 - 11 dollars. Rather than buying three I'd rather buy one Chanel lipstick because it just makes more sense to me. If I assess my makeup usage, there's no way I'm going to use up everything I have before it goes bad. So instead of buying a lot of inexpensive products, I like buying a couple of good ones and using them up as they were meant to be.

That's just my way of thinking, I don't think any one particular way of thinking is right or wrong.

Here are the swatches.
(1) coco 15 Ruban Rose. (2) coco 31, Cambon. (3) coco 27 Talisman (4) Coco 32 Sycomore (5) coco 16 Taffetas Rose (6) rouge allure 80 Delicieuse (7) coco 31 Cambon, (8) coco shine 62 Monte-Carlo (9) coco shine 63 Rebelle

Next are blushes.

Blush Duo Tweed effect in 50 Tweed Sienna.

Powder blush Rose Bronze.

Not really a fan of the powder blush. It seems a bit chalky!!

These are the Dior babies. I am very happy with all, except the two liners I am thinking of returning. No need to show them if they aren't going to be used ;)

1 colour eyeshadows.

066 in Trendy Taupe (only Nordstrom has this in stock).
I love this color!!!! so pretty!!

546 Gold Touch.

Wand of the blackout mascara.

YSL babes!!!
Rouge volupte in 24 Praline Delight, 27 Rose Paris (available at Sephora).

Bobbi Brown metallic eyeshadow in 2 bonfire.
I actually wanted Shu Uemura's G-Bronze (e/s).. but they just don't carry it on their US site.

Benefit goodies. 2 Boi-ings and 1 eye bright.

I was excited about the concealers after reading the reviews. So far, I'm kind of meh.. about boi-ing, but we will see!
Eye Bright, I don't have an opinion yet.

And here's the rest of the swatches!!
Left to right, top to bottom: Bobbi Brown Bonfire, (oops, ignore the top lipstick shade), Benefit Eye Bright, YSL 27 Rose Paris, Dior eyeliner (ignore please), YSL 24 Praline Delight, Dior Trendy Taupe, Dior Gold Touch.

Alright, hope the post wasn't too long!

I'm happy that I have some inventory built up!! Hope you guys are too :)


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Talk about sensitivity!!

Man, I always seem to jinx myself. I haven't had such full body explosion in such a long time, but as soon as I put up a skin history post my skin decided to go all out with this horrible reaction.

** WARNING - this is kind of gross **

This doesn't happen often, but occasionally my skin gets rashes like this.

Sometimes it's on the arms, or on the face, or on the legs, but this time I'm having it all over!
At first it started with my arms and spread to my abdomen area in no time. After a night of scratching my belly, the rashes have calmed down on that area, but started moving down to my legs and up to my face.
I have more severe photos, but I'm in my panties and bra posing in a weird way to capture my back and the back of my thighs. I'm sure those pics won't be easy on the eyes! :p

It's not itchy when I'm not looking at it, but it's just irritating because I can't even have the slightest irritant to my skin at the moment. If I go out in the sun for a minute it starts reacting and if I sit on the carpet, the surface area that was rubbing on the carpet would swell up and rash.
My parents aren't really worried about it since my dad has the exact same skin problems and his conclusion is - "you can take medication, soothing agents, shots - whatever, you name it. Our skin is just too weak and sensitive to be cured in a short amount of time. It's not going to kill you, so wait it out."

I'm still flirting with the option to go see a doc, but he is right. The rashes seem to calm down slowly and lessen as time goes.

What caused the reaction?

FISH SAUCE!!!!!!!!

I've had allergic reactions to fish numerous times in the past (and it wasn't shellfish - it was cod, chub mackerel and other regular fish). A lot of people think I'm trying to be funny when I say "I'm allergic to fish, and no.. not shellfish, but random fish.. ._.)"

I've had fish once in a blue moon for the past three years and was fine, but I really don't know when something like this will happen so I'm all paranoid about fish all over again.

So far, my laundry list of allergy triggers is..

  • Fish
  • Certain brand's hair dye
  • House dust mite (OMG!! this is my worst nightmare!!)
  • Sun (rarely, but sometimes)
  • Certain eye drops
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Certain fabric softeners
  • Certain dish washing detergents
  • Working with arrogant dickheads and biatches!! :p (<< highlight text)

  • I guess I'll have to hope for the rashes on the face to calm down so I can hurry up and film more videos :p I feel pumped and motivated about blogging and youtubing! I've found my online activity mojo again!!!

    Do you guys have any allergic reactions like me?
    How do you guys deal with it? I usually just tough it out..
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    Black Out Smokey Look (Runway Inspired)

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to share a new video of mine :)
    안녕하세요! 새 비디오 올렸어요 :)

    Products Used (사용 제품들 입니다)

    MAC Prep + Prime Primer
    Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat Foundation in 1 Ivory.
    Benefit Boi-ing Concealer 01
    shiseido maquillage Sparkling Contrast Eyes 2

    Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/liner - Birthday Suit
    Dior 066 Trendy Taupe
    Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
    Chanel Les 4 Ombres - 12 Radiant Gems
    Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner - Black

    MAC Harmony Blush

    Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip color #31 Pink Mauve

    The lighting kept going in and out, but other than that, I felt happy and excited about the filming. It's been such a long time since I made a tut, I was a bit nervous :p

    자연조명을 쓰는 탓에 자꾸 햇빛이 들락날락했지만, 굉장히 오랜만의 촬영이라 신나고 재미있었습니다. 어찌나 오랜만의 강좌인지, 사실은 속으로 ㄷㄷㄷ

    Hope you guys enjoy!

    재미있게 보시길 바래용!


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    Welcome to the world of CNP

    I wonder if the title is too grandiose. But hear me out - here's how the story goes. I'm feeling a bit chatty today, so this post is going to be long.

    When I was in Korea during my 'dark days' (that's how I like to call it ._.), my mom and I used to go out and spend money like there's no tomorrow. My mom and I are big spenders. I was making good money from my books and my dad's business was doing great, so nothing was able to deter us. One of the things we got into was going to all the famous dermetologists in Shinsadong, Seoul to get 'the perfect skin.'

    My skin has a long story.

    My grandmother has skin that is so pale white, she looks like she's been living in the shade all her life. Her skin is extremely sensitive and weak. She gets red and burnt when she's out in the sun and can't even stand under incandescent lighting for 5 minutes because it irritates her in some way. She can't wear anything fake, and has to be extremely careful of what she uses on her skin.
    As a result, her skin is pure white. Not that she admires white or pale skin, it's just a result of her sensitivity.

    It is hard to tell how white she is in this photo, but that is how her skin is.

    My dad is exactly like my grandma. He has snow white skin too, doesn't get a tan (just starts burning red), and has very sensitive skin. You can spot him from 500 feet away because his face is so pale. He is pale to a point where he could make snow white go crying home.

    Sooooo, as a result, my skin was always like that too. I too have always had pale skin with a lot of sensitivity issues since I was a kid. It's odd because it's not the healthy looking pale. You can tell that all three of us have very weak and thin looking pale skin. There's nothing glowy or plump about the appearance, it's rather paper thin looking in a way and the texture isn't smooth.
    I don't get tanned, I just start burning red and my skin likes to react to all sorts of factors in my life. I never really minded having pale skin, since a lot of my friends in Korea admired it when I was a student there, it just came with a lot of downsides too.

    Anything that happens on the skin will look extremely emphasized because of the pale background. If I have even one pimple, it makes my skin look extremely red and patchy. I have faint freckles, red spots and all sorts of acne scars, so my skin looks extra dirty(?) when seen up close. My mom never liked the fact that my skin was reddish and that I was starting to have infrequent breakouts.

    So to fix the 'dirty' looking skin, my mom and I roamed the streets of Shinsadong (a district in Seoul, Korea famous for plastic surgery and anything that's related to vanity) to find the perfect place to change my skin appearance.

    I went to a lot of places until I finally settled with a famous clinic called "CNP (Cha n Park, 차앤박)." I had V-beam done there (which I was very satisfied with), and I had my weekly acne treatments for quite a while. My skin cleared out and I was scheduled to do more sessions, but I got arrogant and decided that I was going to be fine without any more and ceased going there.

    Fast forward to 2010.
    Here comes my very stressful job, lifestyle and a period of continuous disappointment and failure in my life. I lived in a high-rise building that provided very little air circulation (although the air outside was no better than the inside). Along with stress, New York's air, water (yes, the water may be the cleanest but the pipelines that deliver the water is probably as old as the city - so that cancels out a lot of the 'cleanness'), noise pollution was hitting me hard.
    I started breaking out and 'waiting out' didn't seem to cure the acne problem. Rather, it kept getting worse.

    When I went to Korea last month, I actually called CNP (because I'm still registered there) to consult if I needed continuous visits to cure my problems. I also wanted to start treatment on my mole on my nose (long story on this too), but the answer was "you have to come in and we have to see how severe you are."

    Knowing that I would only be in Korea for 20 days, I decided not to go.

    When I came back to the states, surprisingly, I got an e-mail from CNP cosmetics. They were wondering if they could send me some of their products and I was so weirded out by how funny life works. Obviously they didn't know I was one of their long time clients since I'm registered under my Korean name there.
    I said "of course! I have confidence in CNP products, I had a very good impression of them when I used them before!" and gladly accepted the offer.

    So, long story short, I wanted to introduce some CNP products that I know by heart are really good, because I was an avid user myself.

    Here's the entire package.

    It includes 2 BBB creams.
    1 black head clear mask box (has two types in it)
    1 black head cleaner
    1 cleanser
    1 sunblock lotion
    1 total peeling program.

    First the BBB creams

    They sent me two shades. I tried both and no.2 is a tad dark on my NC20 skin.

    Here are some swatches on my hand

    As you can see, no.2 (on the left) is dark on my skin and no.1 blends in well. The formula isn't light weight, it's rather medium coverage. It doesn't have a dewy shine to it. I think the texture is fine and thick enough to build up. The smell is nice too (and thank god it's not that rosey strong scent that most Korean products have!).

    It helps block UVA/UVB rays and provides SPF46, PA++. It also brightens the skin (very typical of Asian products) and helps soften fine lines. I'm not sure about softening lines part, but I'm sure it's going to be a good sun barrier with this amount of thickness.

    If you want to read more about it you can go here.

    Next is the Pore tightening Mask

    Looks complicated at first, but it's really pretty simple.
    You first wash your face and place the first mask (green) on your trouble area. Wait 10 minutes, and then take it off, wipe the area down with the swabs that came with the product, and then put on the second mask (white) to tighten up the pores.

    You can read about it here.

    The scrubby tool that came along is a blackhead removal tool too. You can rub it to get rid of dirt and oil AND massage the area. If you want to squeeze out a certain pore, you can do so with the other tip that has a small hole.

    Read more here.

    Next is my favorite! :)
    The Omega Sunblock!

    It is UVA PA+++ and UVB SPF 50+

    It's very light and water resistant. I don't think it's oil-free, but it's so light weight I don't even get greasy through out the day. It doesn't have any fragrance in it which makes it even a better deal! :)

    ..and here's what's in it.

    You can read more here.

    Next is the cleanser. I like that it's oil-free, but I haven't had a chance to use it enough to form an opinion.

    Last but not least is the White Peel system.

    I don't need any whitening, but I like how huge and demanding this box is LOL.
    Here's how it looks inside.

    You go by steps. You do the #1 with the brush, then you neutralize it with #2, and then you sooth your face (since it has been peeled) with the #3 mask.

    Sounds fun, but I'm saving this for special occasions :p
    I'll definitely make a post when I'm doing this!

    You can read more about it here.

    Just a side note to this post. One of the most long time regulars of CNP is Yoo JaeSuk (a famous Korean entertainer), and I used to always bump into him when I went to CNP :p. I once fought over a towel with him, but all in all he was a very polite guy. It seems like Wonder Girls Sohee goes there too - so if you have a chance to go to Korea and you want some skin treatment, definitely check this place out. The staff are nice, the products are nice, the service is nice and you seriously see a lot of celebs (or pre-celebs), which adds a lot of fun to the experience.

    I hope you guys enjoyed the intro. I am going to talk about this issue a bit more in my up coming skin video, but I actually prefer spa, medi-spa or clinic products more since they are made specifically for people with problems. I think mass marketed products are a bit more watered down and for people with troubled skin (like me!) it might not be the right solution.

    Anyway, enough with the talking!

    I'll see you guys in my next post-


    FTC: Products were sent as a consideration with no monetary compensation for an exchange of a good review. The review is solely based on my experience and honest opinion.
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