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Talk about sensitivity!!

Man, I always seem to jinx myself. I haven't had such full body explosion in such a long time, but as soon as I put up a skin history post my skin decided to go all out with this horrible reaction.

** WARNING - this is kind of gross **

This doesn't happen often, but occasionally my skin gets rashes like this.

Sometimes it's on the arms, or on the face, or on the legs, but this time I'm having it all over!
At first it started with my arms and spread to my abdomen area in no time. After a night of scratching my belly, the rashes have calmed down on that area, but started moving down to my legs and up to my face.
I have more severe photos, but I'm in my panties and bra posing in a weird way to capture my back and the back of my thighs. I'm sure those pics won't be easy on the eyes! :p

It's not itchy when I'm not looking at it, but it's just irritating because I can't even have the slightest irritant to my skin at the moment. If I go out in the sun for a minute it starts reacting and if I sit on the carpet, the surface area that was rubbing on the carpet would swell up and rash.
My parents aren't really worried about it since my dad has the exact same skin problems and his conclusion is - "you can take medication, soothing agents, shots - whatever, you name it. Our skin is just too weak and sensitive to be cured in a short amount of time. It's not going to kill you, so wait it out."

I'm still flirting with the option to go see a doc, but he is right. The rashes seem to calm down slowly and lessen as time goes.

What caused the reaction?

FISH SAUCE!!!!!!!!

I've had allergic reactions to fish numerous times in the past (and it wasn't shellfish - it was cod, chub mackerel and other regular fish). A lot of people think I'm trying to be funny when I say "I'm allergic to fish, and no.. not shellfish, but random fish.. ._.)"

I've had fish once in a blue moon for the past three years and was fine, but I really don't know when something like this will happen so I'm all paranoid about fish all over again.

So far, my laundry list of allergy triggers is..

  • Fish
  • Certain brand's hair dye
  • House dust mite (OMG!! this is my worst nightmare!!)
  • Sun (rarely, but sometimes)
  • Certain eye drops
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Certain fabric softeners
  • Certain dish washing detergents
  • Working with arrogant dickheads and biatches!! :p (<< highlight text)

  • I guess I'll have to hope for the rashes on the face to calm down so I can hurry up and film more videos :p I feel pumped and motivated about blogging and youtubing! I've found my online activity mojo again!!!

    Do you guys have any allergic reactions like me?
    How do you guys deal with it? I usually just tough it out..
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