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Asking for a small favor: Cast a vote!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to ask a small favor. It doesn't have to do anything that benefits me, but I would greatly appreciate it if every one of you could take a minute out of your time to cast a vote and help a great cause.

Snowleopard trust is an organization that is specifically dedicated to preserving and helping endangered snow leopards survive on the face of earth. The number of cats remaining in the wild have been reduced to 3000-3500 and they are on the verge of disappearing. Snow Leopards are elusive and not as widely known as other big cats. They live high up in mountains in Central Asia and were hunted down mostly for their fur, bones or to protect village farm animals.

I've been supporting for some years now and it is an organization that I hold dearly to my heart. When I was in school I would write suggestion letters and volunteer to translate some fact sheets rather than finishing my papers. To me, saving these wild cats were always a mission I believed in and supported - and I still do. Of course there are so many animals that need to be saved from vanishing. Almost every wild animal is under the threat of being wiped off the face of earth, but if I had to pick, penguins, snow leopards and polar bears would be the animals I would want to save the most.

If you adopt a family, mommy & cub, or just A snow leopard, the organization sends you a thank you gift! (Of course minus the shirt on the mommy :p I just like dressing up my plushies)

Snow Leopard enterprises is basically a system where both the villagers/shepherds in Mongolia and Snow Leopards could be in a win win situation. Many Snow Leopards have been gunned down because they attack herds to feed on. For shepherds, the loss of a single livestock has a huge impact on their sustainability, so they usually shoot the leopards when sited. You can't blame the Mongolian people since they too are trying to survive. What the enterprises does is step in in the middle of the conflict and provide jobs for the people in exchange of a promise not to shoot the snow leopards. This way, the Mongolians have an alternative source of income and snow leopards could spare their lives.

A lot of cute stuff are handmade with articles that come from the livestock the villagers herd.
Here's one of the popular ones, a 'cat toy' mouse.
The little mouse on the penguin's head is actually one of the products that is made and sold by the enterprises.

I'm not asking you guys to buy any of the products, but I do want you guys to help SLE win in a contest they are in. They have been chosen as one of the 12 finalists for the BBC World Challenge 2011.

If they win, they will win $20,000 (more capital injection to help sustain snow leopards and Mongolian people!) and a feature in Newsweek magazine and on BBC World News. Raising awareness is critical to organizations like snowleopard trust, so please help them out by casting your valuable vote.

Here is the link to vote

Please help save these beautiful cats :)
A snow leopard at the Central Park Zoo (New York, NY) - This is probably the closest I can get to photographing a real snow leopard. They have snow leopards at the Bronx zoo too.

I am a tiny, minuscule monthly supporter of this organization and asking this voting favor out of good faith. I genuinely support them but have no business relations to this organization.

Do you guys have a charity or organization you guys support? Let me know about that too! I'm not the best at contributing to changing the world, but I have a good heart and open mind for good causes and I am curious about what you guys support!

Thanks so much in advance!


Visit and learn more about saving snow leopards!

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It's been a while since I posted nail swatches. These swatches were taken way back in New York, but I think it's worthy of showing them since I have it on my nails at the moment.

네일에 관한 포스트를 한지가 꽤 됐는데, 오늘은 죠야의 미아를 소개할께요. 사실 사진들은 제가 뉴욕에 살았을때 찍었던 것들인데 (썩히고 있다가 오늘 다시 찍으려다가 발견했어요!), 어쨌든 오늘은 이 네일 컬러를 바르고 있으니 보여드리겠습니다.

It's ZOYA's MIA!
죠야의 미야입니다!

Zoya Nail Polish | Mia

Color Description of Zoya Nail Polish Mia

Zoya Nail Polish in Mia can be best described as: Very soft, muted dusty nude mauve-pink in a glossy creme finish. A gentle, natural charming shade for a flattering nude look.

조야의 미아는 이렇게 설명됩니다: 굉장히 부드럽고 톤다운 된 모브-핑크의 글로시 크림 피니쉬 폴리쉬 입니다. 누드룩을 할때 유용하게 쓰일 수 있는 굉장히 매력적이고 예쁜 컬러입니다.

Color Family Mauves

색군은 모브입니다.

Finish Cream

피니쉬는 크림 타입

Intensity 4 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque )

투명도는 1투명~5불투명 스케일에서 4 정도이니 불투명 강도가 강합니다.

Tone Warm

톤은 웜톤입니다.

Original Collection Classics

죠야내에서 속한 콜렉션은 클래식스 입니다.

(scrapped from - 죠야 홈피에서 긁어온 기본 설명들이예요!

I personally love mauve, dusty, natural colors. I think this polish is like pale pink/nude pumps on the nails. The color adds a nice subtle tint to the nails and makes the fingers look elongated. I can't really find anything to complain about the polish.
It's less chunkier than the polishes with glitter in them (yay for opaque cream polishes!) and has a very smooth finish. You don't necessarily need two coats, but if you're up for thick, creamy nails, this baby can handle that very easily without smudging and sliding.

전 개인적으로 이런 모브, 톤다운, 내츄럴하고 조용한 색상들을 좋아해요. 이 폴리쉬는 꼭 손톱에 베이비 핑크나 누드 펌프스를 신긴 것 과도 같은 느낌이예요! 속가락 끝에 여리여리한 색감을 조금 더해주면서 손가락 자체도 길어 보이게끔 해줘요. 단점이라면, 단점으로 꼽을만한게 딱히 없다는게 단점이랄까요 ㅎㅎ
죠야의 다른 글리터 들어간 폴리쉬들 보다는 훨씬 발림이 좋아요 (크림 폴리쉬 만쉐!!). 그리고 피니쉬도 굉장히 깔끔하고 깨끗하게 떨어지구요. 불투명도가 강해서 굳이 투코트 바를 필요 없지만, 손톱 변색이나 습관상 투콧을 발라야 한다면, 밀리지 않고 야무지게 잘 발린답니다.

It reminds me of one of my favorite essie polishes: Lyford Lilac (click here to read the review), but this is definitely more on the pinky side than LL. I think this is a bit more girly and casual than Lyford Lilac and can be worn with basically anything in your wardrobe. It's teenager,school AND work friendly!

제가 개인적으로 좋아하는 에씨의 라이포드 라일락 (리뷰는 여기를 클릭!)과 굉장히 유사한 계열이지만, 미아가 핑크가 훨씬 많이 감돕니다. 라이포드 라일락보다는 한 층 가볍고, 여성스러움이 더해져서 어떤 옷차림하고도 잘 어울립니다! 노티도 안 나고 나이불문, 직업불문하고 어디에도 척척 잘 어울리는 색상이랍니다.

Quality 5/5
Price 4/5
Staying power 4/5
Would I buy it again? Of course! It's hard to go wrong with this color.

질 5/5
가격 4/5
지속성 4/5
재구매 의사? 당연히 재구매 하죠!

Oh! and here's some polish porn I found in my hard drive :p
I don't know why I was such a sleazeball in New York, please forgive the hectic background!

참! 이건 제가 예전에 찍어뒀던 죠야들 나란히 서 있는 모습입니다 ㅋㅋ
어찌나 배경이 난잡한지...-_-;; 저도 제가 왜 저러고 살았는지 이해가 안가요 ㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ

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Bright Eyes with a Touch of Green

Bright eyes? Brighter eyes? Brighter eyeshadows? is that even correct? :p
Anyway, I created this look a couple of weeks ago (sorry about the late editing :p), and wanted to share it with you guys. I guess I've been too consumed with thick, heavy eyeliner looks. Brightening up my eye makeup made me feel so liberated and happy for some reason. We all know that dark colors could actually make one's eyes look more squinty, but it's hard to break out of what's so in vogue.

밝은 눈화장!! 말이 되나요? ㅎㅎ
아무튼, 사실 몇 주 전에 촬영한 비디오인데 이제서야 편집해서 올려요.. 죄송 ㅠㅠ
최근 몇년간 계속 두꺼워지는 아이라이너에 익숙해 졌었는지, 이렇게 덜 쓰고 밝은 섀도를 쓰는 화장을 하니 뭔가 속이 뻥! 뚫리는 기분이 들었어요. 짙고 두꺼운 라인은 오히려 눈을 더 작게 만든다는 걸 머리론 알지만, 워낙에 유행이라서 어떻게 버릴 수도 없고 했는데 이렇게 오랜만에 밝은 화장을 해서 기분이 좋았어요.

This look was super easy to create and it brightened up my face a lot. Especially the eyes look much more wider and brighter than darker looks. I love how this makeup photographs too! I guess it's a good combo of contour/highlighting the face + bright eye shadow colors, but trust me, this look brings out a fresh, clean look on camera.

이 화장은 보기만큼이나 쉽답니다. 쉬울뿐만 아니라 얼굴도 화사돋게 해주는 것 같아요 ㅎㅎ특히 눈부분이 탁 트인 듯한 느낌을 주는 화장입니다. 특히 사진빨!! 적절한 음영+하아리아트, 그리고 밝은 색상들이 아주 픽셀 녹아버릴만큼 사진빨 잘 받게 해줘요!

Here's the video tutorial. 일단은 영상강좌.

Here's the list of products I used.
오늘 사용한 제품 목록입니다.

Benefit Boi-ing concealer (베네핏 보잉 컨실러)
Hera HD foundation (헤라 HD 리퀴드 파데)

MAC Colour Forms - 5 Warm Eyes (Fertile for the brows)
맥 컬러 폼 - 5 웜 아이즈 (눈썹 색으론 제일 우측에 있는 퍼틀을 썼어요)

fertile is the dark brown color (fertile 은 가장 우측에 짙은 갈색섀도 입니다)

MAC Paintpot - Rubenesque (맥 페인트 팟 - 루빈에스크)
Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow - 2 Bonfire (바비브라운 메탈릭 아이섀도 2호 본파이어)

Seems subtle, but if you build it up it becomes quite noticeable.
보기엔 연해 보이지만, 여러번 색을 쌓아올려주면 꽤 눈에 띄는 색입니다.

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette - Green (4 left, 3 up from the lower left corner)
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette - Champagne (3 up from the lower left corner)
코스탈 센츠 88 쉬머 팔레트, 표시한 두 색을 썼습니다.

It's these two colors I used. The palette was held upside down in the video - sorry about the confusion.
영상에서 썼던 두 색입니다. 영상에서 보여줬을 땐 팔레트를 거꾸로 들고 있어서 헷갈렸을 수도 있어요. 죄송헤요!

If you don't have the Bobbi Brown metallic shadow, the 88 shimmer palette has a similar color.
바비 브라운 섀도가 없다면 88 쉬머 팔레트에서 비슷한 색이 있답니다.

88 Shimmer is a bit more coppery, but I think it is passible for a bonfire dupe.
좌가 바비 브라운, 우가 쉬머 팔레트 색 - 쉬머 팔레트가 발색이 좀 더 진하긴 하지만, 둘이 비슷비슷해요.

Lancome le crayon khol - chataigne (랑콤 아이라이너 - 진갈색)

Beauty Credit Lashes # 6 (뷰크 6호 속눈썹)
Dior - Diorshow Blackout Mascara (디올쇼 블랙아웃 마스카라)

Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect - 50 Tweed Sienna
(샤넬 블러쉬 듀오 트위드 이펙트 - 50호 트위드 시에나)

I always fail at getting a nice swatch of this blush! It's so sheer and subtle.
으악! 항상 트위드 시에나 발색샷에 실패합니다. 으찌나 연하고 은은한지.. 잘 안잡혀요 :/

Bobbi Brown - Bronzer/Blush Duo Set (Bronzer is in Medium)
바비 브라운 브론져/블러쉬 듀오 세트 (미디움)

MAC Colour Forms - 5 Warm Eyes (Chillproof for highlighting)
맥 컬러 폼 - 5 웜 아이즈 (하이라이트 컬러는 칠푸르푸)

Here's a swatch on how the colors come off.
손등에 영상에서 썼던 두가지 색을 발색해 봤어요.

Estee Lauder High Gloss in Blush (에스테 로더 하이 글로스 - 블러쉬)
- I was loving this lipgloss so much and I lost it because of a giant hole in my bag! I'm so bummed about the lost, but I have to say, Estee Lauder's lipglosses never fail to wow me. My all-time-favorite lipglosses are always Estee Lauder products.
They are a bit on the sticky and thick side, but I like it better than watery glosses.

ㅠㅠ 흙흙.. 가방에 구멍이 있었는데 아무래도 구멍으로 빠져서 어디다 떨어뜨린 것 같아요. 제가 몇년째 에스테 로더 립글로즈들을 금쪽같이 아끼는데요, 뭐니뭐니해도 제가 항상 추천하는 립글로즈는 에스테 것들이예요. 립스틱은 영... 별론데, 립글로즈 하나만큼은 진짜 야무지게 잘 만들어내요!

And here's the final results.
Of course there's the usual tucking the chin, opening the eyes wider than usual and circle lenses added to the effect when the shutter was pressed, but I think the makeup gave a lot of oomph! to the dramatic (?) transformation :p.

그리고 결과물(?) 입니다 ㅎㅎ
물론 사진 각도나, 눈을 부릅뜬다거나 렌즈발 등등도 적용했지만, 화장자체가 사진을 잘 받게해요~~

Here's a bonus gif, just in case you missed it on my twitter ;)

I finally finished the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers :D I'm not that into K-drama, so it was quite an accomplishment for me to finish a whole series. :p This is from the last episode, where I couldn't resist but fool around with photoshop.

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Hair Extensions - Micro Loop/link Extensions

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share some more details about my hair extensions I recently installed.
I used a newer (?) method, which doesn't use heat and does less damage to the hair.
Here's a video about the experience.

It doesn't require any heat, and it's removable whenever you want them out. I bought 200 strands of 100% human hair (Remy) micro link/micro loop extensions and put them in myself.

The beads at the tip of the hair are matched to the hair color, so the extensions aren't all that noticeable. You don't have to stick to one color. You can mix and match if you like highlights or hair with a lot of colors.

Here's a great video on the concept of how to install your extensions. He doesn't use the exact "microlink" method, but the method he is using is almost identical in application.

and here's a great picture tutorial, taken from

Basically, the red colored area is the parts that you DO NOT put extensions in.

Still confused? Then here's a great video on how to install the microlinks :)

I think I went through every single Youtube video regarding microlink hair extensions before I made my purchase. I bought my hair from a Canadian website called I wouldn't purchase from them again, because I feel like the hair they sent me isn't A+++ quality as they make it sound like. The hair shed A LOT, and I dunno.. after a couple of washes, the hair already seems exhausted. It's my first hair extensions, so I wasn't planning on having them in for long, but at this rate, I don't think these will last longer than a month or so.

What you need.

- Your linked hair strands.

They come in various colors, lengths and weights. My color of choice was #1 Jet Black, and I got 150 of 20" (0.5g), and 50 of 24" (0.8g).
I would definitely recommend getting the higher weights (0.7 or 0.8 opposed to 0.4 or 0.5g) because once the strands start shedding, you'll only be left with a couple of hair strands per link.

- Hair extension plier.

I'm kind of iffy about this one. I bought a plier because I thought the hair extension ones were significantly different, but they're actually not. When you lock/undo your links, you can easily do it with a regular plier (that what I did). If you like things proper, I guess investing in these won't be a big problem :p

- A ton of time, and maybe someone who could help you out.

If you're a lonely trooper like me, try to set up your mirrors so you can see how you're doing back there. It gets tricky once you finish the first layer, because hair starts getting in the way and if you don't pay attention, you can end up looping unwanted hair and it gets messy.

I've already explained it in my video, but my hair cut wasn't ready for extensions.
Here are some pictures of my extensions before I trimmed the end of my original hair.

Here's how the original installation looked like.
It was a general wtf situation.
I was so bummed and disappointed, I didn't really know what to do with my hair.
(Yes, that's how wavy my natural hair is - it's like a wild child!)

So after debating if I should take the extensions out or not, I decided to go ahead and thin out the ends. I wasn't sure how well my hair was going to blend in with the extensions, but I went ahead and trimmed off a lot of hair.

This is how well my hair blends in with the extensions. (I look kind of fat in this picture for some reason, but oh well ._.)
In some angles you can kind of see where my real hair ends, but I think this is wayyyyyyyy better than my initial result.

Overall, I am very happy with my new long hair.
At first, the pain and weight was overwhelming and very foreign. I would wake up in the middle of the night because I was pulling my own hair by rolling over it (it's not like I never had super long hair, but it's weird. It's a different experience with extensions). Managing all the hair in the shower was a challenge too.

Oh, talking about showers, people generally complain about how slowly extensions dry, but I haven't had a problem in that department. I think it's because Texas weather is still pretty dry and hot. I walk out of the shower and let my hair air dry for about 15-20 minutes and all of the hair is completely dry. I don't have to pat it dry or blow dry it, so that's the handy part of living in Texas.

I'm not perfect nor a professional. I sometimes encounter mistakes when I go through each strand in my hair to check if they are aligned properly. The great thing about these extensions is, you can basically unlock and redo them whenever you want to. I'll just simply unlock the 'mistake' link with my pliers and readjust the position and lock it back in.

I wouldn't recommend the place I bought it from because I don't think the quality is as great as they make it sound to be. You can research and buy them off of ebay or more safely amazon (since amazon has better return services and what not).

I hope the video and post helped you guys out.


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NOTD: Sinful Colors - Ruby Ruby

I love this nail polish! I was in target looking for a simple red polish (because I love love classic red!), and surprisingly, it was soooo hard to find a simple red.
Luckly, I found one at a very cheap price - 1.99! :)

Check out my Ruby Ruby (369) polish from sinful colors.

Application is smooth and it dries quickly.
I was indifferent of sinful colors, but I think their quality is great for such cheap price tag! :)


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