Just saying hi

Hey everyone!

I'm currently away from home and traveling, and I just wanted to squeeze out some time to post on my blog :p This is more of a random post.

I made a FACEBOOK PAGE not so long ago -
If you haven't already, check it out and meet me there too


The older I get, the less cluttered I'm becoming is what I have noticed about myself. I used to carry around all of my stuff (even if I ended up not using 95% of the stuff I overpacked), but I've become more and more of a minimalist during the past few years.

I have some meetings arranged for my trip so makeup is inevitable, but I've tried to keep it true to the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle.

Tada! that's all i bought with me on my trip.

I only managed to bring the basics of basics, sticking to the rule of 'one of each category is enough'.

So far, I'm loving how light my luggages are and how I can still go about my business with enough makeup on.

Post seems a bit lame, but hey, I just wanted to say hi and post a picture that was appropriate for this blog! :p

I hope all of you are doing great!
Oh, btw, I haven't officially wrote it on the blog, but I've actually taken my extensions out awhile ago. I'll try to write a dedicated post on that issue, but that was one of the updates I wanted to talk about on this blog.

Okay, sorry about the ADHD post.
I just wanted to say hi and let you guys know that I miss talking to you all :D