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The Orange Fever

I'm a bit late on this post, but I think it's worth posting.

I've never been this shaken by weather, but I guess that's one sign of getting old :/ Yesterday I was so elated (because it was really warm and I felt like winter was finally over) about the weather, it made me happy to stand outside and just soak in the warmness.
So, with spring coming and all that, I think you guys can have fun with this look. It's the trending color of this spring/summer - Orange!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

I know a lot of you guys will be like... 'seriously?'

Orange =

but hear me out.
Orange IS a difficult color, no doubt. But if you find the right color, it could be a really nice color to play around with. For instance, if orange with gold shimmer doesn't fit you, you can always try to use a matte shadow with cooler base. Or if you don't have orange shadow to start with, you can try using an orange blush that fits your skin tone as a shadow alternative.

If you don't want to see the subtitles, you can always press the CC button on the lower right hand corner to turn it off :D

Below are some pictures of interesting uses of orange in makeup for 2011

Rebecca Taylor

Dior (not sure if it's 2011, but I like the color they used)

Chanel Spring 2011 - LOVE the lips!

Nina Ricci Runway for F/W 2011 (beautiful neon coral lips!)

Scarlett Johansson!

* as for the stupid photobucket images :/ I am not sure what it is and trying to figure things out :'( sorry about the ugly "you need to go pro" crap :'(
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Yay. KTX magazine better quality is here :)

Thanks for a fellow Ssanker, I finally got a great copy of the KTX magazine that featured Jen, me, Bubz and HollyAnnaree. :)

Just to loosely translate what they wrote about me...

Despite the fact that she has several K-POP idol celebrity makeup videos, her strongest point is her self-learned and practical beauty know-hows (she also manages a Korean beauty blog too). Her talent shines the most when she skillfully blends 3 different colors of eye shadow in 5 minutes when 1minute, 1 second is precious in the morning, which makes me think that 'I should try that tomorrow morning too'. She teaches how to use different cleansers for different skin conditions and how to use a mixed medium to scientifically prevent loose shadow from flaking. I also recommend her eyebrow tutorial (Korean women tend to neglect or find it difficult to do eyebrows). And most of all --blurry picture :/ can't read that part -- putting Korean subtitles, illustrations and pictures is useful. BUT, her lighting sucks.

you can click on the picture if you want to see it full size :D

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Angelbaby Inspired Look

It's surprising to see people surprised of Angelababy's popularity :p She is pretty famous in Korea too, and I think a lot of people in the states are aware of her too. Pretty goes a long way, haha. For those that are not familiar with her, she is a Hong Kong model who is signed with AVEX (Japan). She is 21 years old and usually associated with plastic surgery, but I think there's much more about her that draws people's attention.

한국에선 인기가 꽤 괜찮은데, 서양에서 안젤라베이비의 인기가 의외로없어서 좀 놀랍네요. 아시아에서도 인기가 많지만, 미국에서도 어느정도 인지도는 있는 것 같아요. 예쁜 얼굴은 어디서든 통하잖아요 ㅋㅋ. 안젤라베이비가 누군지 모르는 분들을 위해서 짧게 소개를 하면요, 홍콩 출신 모델이며 일본의 에이벡스 소속 연예인입니다. 꽃다운 나이 21살이며, 성형수술이라는 단어와 많이 묶여지는데 제 개인적은 생각으론 마력을 지닌 여인인 것 같아요~

Today I uploaded a spring makeup video inspired by Angelababy. She has a lot of looks out there, but I chose this one because she looks like a peach :p Spring is right around the corner, and I thought this look could give some people inspiration.

오늘은 봄이기도 하고 해서, 산뜻한 안젤라베이비의 메이크업을 찍어봤어요. 안젤라베이비하면 화장도 빼놓을 수 없는데, 그 중 가장 유명한 복숭아빛 화장을 찍어봤어요. 봄도 오고 해서, 비디오 보시고 영감도 얻고 재미도 있으시길 바래요~

Here are the original pictures I used as a reference. The toughest part was guessing her lipstick color. In some pictures it looks like neon coral, in others totally pink. My first attempt was mixing neon coral and neon pink together, but that didn't turn out pretty. So I erased the mixed colors and just used a coral color (I figured you don't have to use the EXACT same colors as her :p).

Oh, and funny thing, I tried pulling a strand of hair down like her and it made me look really tacky hahaha.. I'm glad I didn't include that in the video :p

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the tutorial. :)


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Blogtv Fiasco

Hi Everyone,

I had a video inviting people to my blogtv up on youtube yesterday (oops, I started writing this post on Monday and it's Tuesday already), and it's the story of my life, but things didn't go all that well. I haven't been on blogtv for over a year and I wasn't expecting any technical difficulties. But as soon as I popped in, I realized I couldn't get my isight working and it took almost 4 hours to figure out what the problem was :/
I really wanted to apologize to those that waited and had to go with disappointment. I felt so bad, I was sweating and stressing out. I'm really really sorry things went down like that.

We decided to do another Blogtv since my isight is fixed. It's probably going to this Saturday or Sunday (and I'm going to start earlier :) so please stay tuned for any announcements!

FOTD I guess? :p



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