I'm finally in LA!! :D

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Hi Guys :)

I finally moved to LA!! XD
To be honest, I feel a bit unsure and weirded out. Maybe it's because I feel bad having to leave my parents behind (it's always heartbreaking to say good bye to your parents :'/ ), or maybe because I feel like a visitor, or maybe because my place isn't fully ready.. or maybe some other reason. But, aside of all that, I am here in LA and I just wanted to let you guys know that I safely arrived :)

Good news is - I'm reunited with my penguins, so you guys will get to see more of them in the background. I feel like I lost my youtube identity after my penguins disappeared from the background, but I hope they will help me out as they did in the beginning :p

Sorry about the short posts lately. The initial and biggest step in moving process is finished, so hopefully future posts can be of a better quality.

Love you guys :)


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