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Researching on affordable peels.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I've been lazy today and was tumbling around the bed all day. You guys probably know how I feel about my skin. I feel like I've semi-broadcasted how my skin condition went down the drain to my viewers for the past 2ish-3ish years.
I've never had perfect skin so I've come to accept it, but, I would jump at almost anything if it could help me improve my conditions.

To begin with, I have large pores. That's like a given to my family since I've always been amused at my gigantic pores around my cheeks and nose area since I can remember. I remember my teacher commenting about my huge pores when I was only in the third grade. That says a lot, haha.

On top of that, I have sensitive skin, which gets red and irritates easily.
And throw in the dreadful acne and premature sagging, with a bunch of scars and there, you have my skin.

I've always envied people with porcelain-like skin and no visible pores. I could get quite pale, but my skin would look thin and textured (which I hate :'( waaahh).

But, anyway, I love reading progressive posts about products, and I was reading this article from My big bowl of oats!!. I like how she legitimately reviewing a lot of things by trying products out herself. She wrote about another peel (that was expensive), but I liked her Salicylic peel article better.

There seems to be a great rating of this product on amazon (Read the reviews here), which says a lot because it's quite hard to see so many reviewers and such a high level of stars.

I ordered mine online (I'm going to start with 20% and see how it goes since my skin is a bit more on the sensitive side), and I will try to blog/vlog about the daily procedures.

Anyway, (based on reading posts and reviews) here are some key points that are important.

- May not work on colored skins. It seems like 50/50 for African American descents.
- Burning seems common.
- Skin gets bad/red, and after that period seems to drastically improve.
- Not recommended for people who could be pregnant.
- You can't get yourself exposed in the sun during the peeling processes, so best not done if you have to work or stay in the sun for a long period of time.
- Seems like it doesn't completely eliminate scarring or acne for some people.
- shouldn't be inhaled.

Here's some before/after pictures I scrapped from the internet.

omg.. if this is truly the result of the peel, I'm mind blown!

Seems like she's in the process
man, even this much reduction seems swell!!

Beauty industry myths are that these types of chemical peels will eventually thin your skin. I'm not sure about that since we shed so much skin and skin itself regenerates rapidly throughout the course of one's entire life.

So what do you guys think?
Has anyone ever tried this at home?
hmmm.. do you think these products were tested on animals? :'(

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