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What's your furniture style?

Does anyone enjoy staring at furniture and home layouts?
Me, me!!! I do!!!!!!

I love staring at home designs, furniture, home improvement blogs, DIY stuff, IKEA website, store displays, HGTV.. you name it! Anything related to the home makes me stop and stare with my mouth half open.

Lately, I'm getting more and more hardcore about furniture and layouts because I'm moving to LA soon (10 days left!!! yay!!!!). I will have to start getting things organized and set up the way I like it, so just planning things out makes me feel all happy and high.

I used to like super sleek modern looks. Where everything is in a monochromatic theme with a splash of color here and there. Plus, it requires uber cleanness with a bit of coldness added to the everthing-is-placed-in-a-right-angle-place.
Something like these places..

Image from

Image from

Image from

Modern furniture is okay. I mean it's clean and spotless, but I feel like it's more of a look that is meant to be looked and adored than to be used. If you scatter your stuff around the sofa, it's going to upset the look, which in my case will be inevitable in less than 30 seconds. Would I be able to keep up the clean modern look at my new place? most definitely no. To be realistic, I decided to let go of my modern fantasy and embrace the other style I equally adored: the mid-century modern look (or aka 'modern retro) - to be a bit more specific, the Danish Modern look.

I like vintage and retro looking stuff (clothing, furniture, books..etc), but I don't like it too loud or with too much elements clashing. There's also a fine line between stylish retro and 'old crap'. I liked the modern look because I like clean and simple lines, but I also like warmth in the products too. I need to see more wood and natural tones than shiny monochromatic leather or marble floors, if that makes sense. It's hard to define, but here's some examples.

image from

The sofa looks nice, but the array of patterns is a bit too much for me. I could go with one or maybe even two colors, but this is pushing it too much.

image from

I would go with something more toned down like this. Nice earthy colors that are easier to blend in with the entire place.

I'm lusting over these pieces.

Fold out desk!!! OMG!!! image from tumblr

Danish Modern Coffee Table from Urban Outfitters

or this

Don't know the source for both, but ooohhhh <3 love it.

Luna Sofa Feet Finish: Honey, Fabric: Mouse Gray from Amazon

Although it's a doll house, I want that orange chair on the left +_+
Image from flickr RetroMama69

I want a room that would have a vibe like this.

image from flickr

image from

image from

The pieces themselves could look boring and dull, but they serve as classic and clean foundations of the room design. The simple and solidness of the wood counter-balances vivid colors or loud patterns you can splash on here and there (if you wanted to).

Well, one thing I know for sure is that I can't afford all the pieces I want :'( waahhh... Furniture is soooo expensive and I can't afford everything new. I'll have to try to hunt craigslist or other places in LA.
But, anyway - I wanted share with you guys what I love.
What do you guys like? Retro or modern? or somewhere in between?


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