American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Dynasty

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Hey everyone,
I was in the mood for purple, but I didn't want a dark purple. I decided to rummage through my nail polishes and I stumbled upon this! Oh how I love how the mauve-purple color suits my skin tone!

This is actually my first nail polish from American Apparel, and I absolutely love it!
Here are some pros and cons about this product.

Beautiful color.
Dries fairly quickly.
Pretty bottle.

Long brush stem makes it difficult to maneuver the brush.
Doesn't spread out evenly on the nail.
Needs at least 2-3 coats for opaqueness.
Doesn't last long and chips easily.

I've applied 2 coats with a top coat on my nails and it took exactly two and a half days for the chipping to start. Despite the chipping, I love love love the color!!

Do you guys have a favorite AA color? Any thoughts? :)


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