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Beauty Box 5 - first box

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Hi everyone,
I wanted to introduce's monthly beauty subscription service.  You guys probably already heard about so many other 'boxes', so I will make it short and brief.

Beautybox5 is pretty much the same concept as other services.  You pay either a monthly, quarterly or annual fee to receive a box of various beauty products in the mail. It doesn't cater to your specific needs, so sometimes it could be a hit or a miss. Products range from deluxe samples to full sized products.

The box I received looked like this.
Ugh, I use postal service, and the place scribbled my box number all over the beautybox. But as you can see, the exterior is a minty green color with beautyboxfive written on the outside.

Inside the box was cushioned with paper cushions, and the products were neatly tucked in a mesh baggy.

The products that were in this month's box were..

  • COMODYNES Self-Tanning towelette
    I've seen a lot of people talk about this before.  Basically, when you need a tan on the go, you whip this out and rub it on the part you need an instant tan.  I'm not a tanning person, so I doubt I will ever take this out and use it, but I am willing to film a video on how it actually works. :p
  • LAVERA Trend Senstiv No.2 Kajal eyeliner
    Yay! A dark brown liner - something  I would have jumped for in a heart beat.  The consistency is great and the application is extremely creamy, yet not crumby.  It does tend to fade a bit later on in the day, but patting on some shadow on top of it does the trick! I would say 1x touch-up is all that is needed (considering that I have semi-oily lids, put makeup on at 6 in the morning and take it off at 8 at night).
  • PRITI NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover
    Oh my... where to start.  I've heard raves and raves about this brand (especially since it is Jessica Alba's favorite brand) in magazines.  I wanted to try the nail polishes since this brand seems SUPER green and organic-oriented, but the nail polish remover is a good start too.  I have to say that it's not drying and removes nail polish well.  I did have some hard time with removing the edges of my nails, but I think this is pretty well with removing light/bright colors.  Darks and greens are always a toughy (even for the best removers out there), so I think this remover is good to give it a go.
  • WELEDA Iris Hydrating day/night cream
    I haven't had enough time to have a definite opinion about these two, but I think they do a better than average job. The good news is, it doesn't break me out - woohoo! I do feel like my skin is moisturized, but not like "OMG!! My skin feels soooo hydrated!". It's more of an 'okay.. good enough' feeling.  I will have to use up all of the product before I can say my final verdict.
  • PUR-LISSE Pur-delicate gentle soy milk cleanser
    Good stuff. I like companies that try to make alternative solutions (and those that try to go green), so my bias for this company is good.  When I usually take my makeup off, I cleanse my face more than twice with different products because I'm worried about residues.  I do think that this product does a good job, but you never know.. so I combine it with another cleansing oil to get everything off of my face. :p I love the smell (makes you smell like a baby) and I love the creamy texture.

Are you guys subscribed to any beauty boxes?
Overall, I'm liking the concept.


 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

Catalina Penguin
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