Frosty Pink Makeup Look

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I was looking at my makeup collection, wondering if I should sell some stuff I don't really use, and noticed that I really like pinks/purples and have accumulated quite a lot of makeup based on those colors.  However, I'm always a bit hesitant of using pink on the eyes because of the strong misconception that pink eyesahdows will always make one's eyes look irritated and puffy.
I personally love pink/red/rust colors on the eyes, but I too am a product of my reality and fear using those colors on the eyes in real life.
red eyeshadow... no?

So anyway, while I was thinking of experiencing around with my pinks, I figured that frost/metallic and blue based pinks wouldn't look so bad on the lid.  And while I was at it - I was like "oh, what the heck", might as well film! :)

Hope you guys enjoy the video and the new month!! :D

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