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Toning up your midsection

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Hi All,

I feel like summer is fast approaching and I am determined to at least not feel uncomfortable in my skin this year.  I don't stop myself from wearing a bikini in public, but it bugs me a bit because I don't really like many parts of my body.
My main area of concern is my 'midsection'.
I've always had a lot of flab around my midsection and I'm really eager to get rid of them before it's too late :p

So, yesterday I was flipping around magazines at the library and snapped some workout pictures that I wanted to try out. Since it's in my memory card, why not share it with you guys?!

I think it was either from seventeen or teen vouge.

Have you guys seen any results with tone up tips like these?
I actually find them helpful if you stick to them for a reasonable period of time.

Let's get our tummy toned and have a fabulous summer!! :D


 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

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NYX FACE AWARDS - First Challenge "Boy George 80s Look"

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

Hi Everyone,

I think I briefly mentioned it before, but I have been chosen as one of the top 30 contestants of NYX's FACE AWARDS.  The first challenge was to create a retro 80s look.  I pondered about the issue a lot since I was born in the 80s and didn't have a chance to experience the culture from that period.  I looked up so many things (movie posters, magazine covers, hit songs, pictures... you name it!) and finally came to a conclusion that Boy George is one of the iconic figures of 80s makeup.

So here is my entry for the NYX FACE AWARDS and you can vote for me here (
** YOU CAN VOTE FOR ME UP TO 3 TIMES A DAY, EVERYDAY!! So please maximize your votes and help me get to the next stage :) **

Also, Here are some amazing looks from him.
His stretched out wings and clean cut makeup suites him so well.

I hope you guys enjoyed the look, and voting is open for only 4 days, so please vote for me! :)


 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

Catalina Penguin
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HyunAh (4 Minute) 'Volume Up' Makeup - Vampy Look

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty excited to share today's tutorial.  It's already my third attempt at 4 minute's Hyun-A's makeup (she takes the cake for being inspirational to me, haha).  4 Minute's new mini album was released a couple of days ago, along with their music video, and I love love love the video! I love the makeup, the costumes, the setting, the song and everything that was put into the video.

Please enjoy the tutorial!! :)

Here are some screen caps and pictures of the look.

 and last but not least, here's 4Minute's Music Video "Volume Up" :)

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

Catalina Penguin
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 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share some goodies I got from NYX cosmetics for my upcoming NYX FACE AWARD challenges.  I'm so happy to announce that I have been chosen as one of the top 30 girls for the first challenge.  There will be ultimately one winner (announced at IMATS Pasadena in June, 2012) and the challenge goes as the contestants get eliminated into a group of 6 until the last challenge.

If you want to read more about the awards challenge, you can do so here.

NYX was generous enough to send all 30 competitors a box of cosmetics to use as their challenge materials. I just wanted to share with you guys what came in the mail. Below is a vlog of me going into details, but pictures might help along too. First challenge is due on April 19th, 2012! I am going to ask for your votes along the challenge so please stay tuned! XD

You can skip to 03:22 to watch the unpacking segment.

I'm excited to try out the new products and as I promised in the video, I'll try to give away all the products (on my main youtube channel) that haven't been used when I am done with the contest! :)
Please stay tuned and I'll let keep you guys in the know about the voting periods!


 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

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Revamping and Wish List + Like List

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-


I've been flirting with the idea of revamping my blog for a couple of days. It's coming along a bit slow, but you guys will get to see my blog with a facelift soon ^__^*. I usually get tired of things quite easily and I've felt a bit bored with my current blog theme lately. Hopefully I'll get my amateur programming skills together to present a better looking blog in a couple of days (stay tuned!)

On the side note, I guess the magical spring breeze makes me excited and to have a yearn for all things new.
Here's my current wish list. Anything I should add or not consider? :)

I've been drooling over this camera even before it launched. It's so smexy!!! I pre-ordered it and then had to cancel it after re-thinking the 1000+ price for a small 4/3 compact camera (although, no doubt about the quality of its functionality! It's worth every penny). I was never keen about Olympus Pen cameras, but I have a soft spot for panasonic in my heart. I've experienced a bridge panasonic and a point and shoot and I love how panasonic produces its images. If you are looking for a camera that takes great portrait pictures, panasonic should be one of the brands you consider. I do use canon as my main camera brand, but it's more out of practicality. My lenses are all canon and once you start investing in lenses it's hard to jump the boat (since lenses are hardcore investments and fangirl philosophies/pride starts taking over your rational thinking). But, I've started thinking about this camera once again... ahhh... it'd be so awesome to have this in my camera collection ♥.

Believe it or not, I've yet to try anything from Illamasqua. I don't know why, but I'm always a bit hesitant to try their products when I'm at Sephora. I was reading nail blogs, and I just can't help but want to try out every color in Illamasqua's collection.
Here are some colors I would love to try.





*All images taken from Illamasqua's site

Colors are so pretty and the reviews are great.. but the price tag is too much for me to splurge on :'( .. I wonder why nail polishes are getting more and more expensive nowadays. But I guess that's why wish lists exist!
These are definitely on my wish list! :)

MAC Perennial Pinks (both sheen supreme lipsticks)

The pink one is called behave yourself and the coral one is blossom culture.
With my great experience with MAC's (discontinued) slime shine lipsticks, I'm more than looking forward to this sheen supremes.
I'm only hesitant because of my abundance of lipsticks (I'm sure there are dupe colors or overlapping colors) and not being able to test it out. I don't have a MAC store near by, so I'll have to wait til I get to physically test out the lipsticks at the store.

Other than these, I also want to test out is MAC's Impassioned.

I'm sure it will fit me since my skin is on the fair side and super bright colors like this tends to flatter me, but still!! I have to go to the store and swatch it before I make a purchase. Also, the thought that lingers in my head is "Don't you already have too much lipstick...??? You need ANOTHER brink pink lipstick?"
I dunno, I have to see this in person, so for now.. it will sit in my wish list :)

I'm also looking or a GOOD bronzer. Currently I use either Bobbi Brown's bronzer duo or MAC's tenderling, but do you guys have good bronzer recommendations for my skin tone (MAC NC20 or usually the second lightest shades in most brands' foundations)?

Let me know!


 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

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March 2012 favorites!

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

Wow, I'm always surprised at how fast time passes when I film favorites videos. March was a fun month and I had fun moments with my newly favorite products.
Here's my video for March 2012 favorites.

Here are the products featured

Beautymint Ultra replenishing serum & sculpting treatment
Anessa perfect essence sunscreen SPF 50+ PA +++
Nars Sheer glow foundation in light 2 mont blanc
TheFaceShop illumunating cushion blusher in 03 Violet
Zoya nail polish in Bevin

Here's the giveaway gift :D
Sorry about the tampered packaging. It ripped while I was trying to pull it out of the display slot. Please comment on the video page, and not on this blog :)


 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

Catalina Penguin
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