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Foundations Review

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-
I've never actually counted how many foundations I have, but after gathering them together, I felt like I should do a review on each of them, since they all have pros and cons :) and on top of that I did get requested on a foundation review, so might as well get it out there :)
사실 모으기만 바빴지, 여지껏 제가 화운데이션이 몇개 있는지 세어보지를 못했네요. 안그래도 화운데이션 리뷰해달라는 요청이 들어와서 겸사겸사 있는거 다 모아서 리뷰해보겠습니다.
so here's the family picture (and it's tilted! LOL)
One of my Chanel foundations is absent, but I guess we can do without her.
쨘! 일단은 가족사진입니다 (헙 -_-;; 사진이 기울어졌....)
샤넬이 하나가 빠졌는데, 뭐 어쨌건 없이도 리뷰할 수 있으니까 일단은 패스하겠습니다.


* Note: After being traumatized with the previous posting's bad quality pictures, I decided to take better pictures with an SLR camera. The colors are superior to a point and shoot camera, yet the down side is that I'm using a portrait lens, so close-ups are impossible. please bear with me =p My photos seem to come out at extreme ends.
* 지난번 포스팅이 너무 화질구지여서 데세랄로 좀 더 정확한 사진 찍기로 했습니다. 뚝딱이 보다 색감도 훨씬 정확하지만.. 제가 80미리 렌즈를 쓰는 바람에 접사는 불가능하네요 ㅠㅠ. 어째 찍는것마다 좀 극과 극인 것 같아요.. ㅎ

* Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup SPF 16 (1Fl Oz/30mL)
I got this in Korea, so I am really not sure if the shades are the same in the North America region but I LOVE how the color is identical to my skin tone. Also it's very light and doesn't get oily easily so it's very good for light summer looks, where you don't want to look like you've been sweating like Santa Claus.
It's a pump type, and doesn't come with other applications

Pros: very light satin finish. Doesn't clog pores, lasts all day
Cons: it's not full coverage, expensive

* Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Creme Compact SPF 15 (0.5Oz net wt.)

I got this one in America. I was actually looking for the pressed powder type foundations from Chanel (the white cases) and they didn't carry it, so had to go with this cream type. I really didn't like it at first, but as you can see I have used a considerable amount of it. I used to use this as a base (since it has more coverage than the Chanel liquid foundation) and pat on the powder foundation from chanel to make it look a bit matte.
This is the thickest of all Chanel foundations I have. It kind of makes you look oily after a while, but considering that it's a cream foundation, it's not to a point where you have to blot every other hour.
It comes with a sponge and a case to put the compact in

Pros: very smooth application, more coverage compared to other Chanels
Cons: kind of creases through out the day, makes you look oily if you have oily skin

* Chanel Blanc Essentiel Light Reflecting Whiting Compact Foundation SPF 25/PA+++ (0.35Oz net wt.)

I got this one in Japan, and my other one (that's absent) in Korea. I think I know why it's only sold in Asia. It's a whiting foundation (which usually sells very well in Asia, since a lot of Asians think that pale and white skin defines beauty -_-;) but the matte-ness of this goddess is AMAZING. I get oily really easily, and when I apply this in the morning and come back home at night, I still look like I'm more on the matte side.
However, if it works well for me, I'm guessing that it will a bit too matte for dry/normal skin types.. so that's what you gals should keep in mind.
comes with a sponge and its case

Pros: very very matte, stays on all day, very gentle on skin, no clogging
Cons: this one in particular has a rosy tone-so it might make you look a bit red if you have a pink undertone, very fragile- if you slightly drop it the powder shatters very easily. if you apply too much, you'll look like a ghost

* Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF6 (1Fl Oz/30mL)
Alright, I guess there's already a ton of reviews out there, but I'll just write mine anyway. I got this foundation for full coverage and oh boy it definitely gives you full coverage. But every time I put this on, I somehow look like I'm tanned... I wonder why.
It doesn't have the pump included

Pros: full coverage with a small amount. very cheap
Cons: it's very obvious where you have this foundation on. for instance, the lines between your chin and neck are too obvious.. this foundation is literally like putting on another layer of skin over your face.
It also takes a very long time for it to sap in

* MAC Studio Fix (15g/.52 US Oz)
A lot of people rave about MAC, but this product actually made me turn away from MAC for a long time. It just doesn't work.. I get sososooooooo oily and clumpy looking whenever I apply this. Especially around my nose pores... there's just these huge holes visible when applied. Anyway, I have come to a realization that MAC's facial products aren't just meant for me.
come's with it's own sponge

Pros: if it fits you, it's one of the best products out there
Cons: if it doesn't fit you, you'll want to cry

* Make Up For Ever Poudre Compact (10g net)
I can't use this because it kind of has the same effect as the revlon colorstay. Once I apply it on my face, it tends to get darker.. yet I might just use it as a bronzer. It has pretty impressive full coverage considering that it's a compact pressed foundation (or powder?)
It comes with it own (practically useless) sponge and velvet case

Pros: full coverage with little usage, very compact & easy to carry around
Cons: Color differences when applied on face, gets a bit oily on oily skin types

* mark. face xpert (11.8mL / 0.4 FL Oz)
I was actually very impressed when I tried this. It's like a cheap alternative for Chanel's liquid foundation, yet it lacks the satin finishing (it's more of a matte finishing than Chanel). But the coverage level and tone is very similar, so if you guys want to try it out, I don't think it will hurt. The only down side is the weird sponge and the structure of the bottle. It says to shake well before using it, but.... it's really hard to get the foundation out.
It comes with an attached sponge

Pros: light, medium coverage, matte finishing, VERY cheap,
Cons: It has a cucumber scent(?) to it, freakin weird structure and sponge

* Bobbi Brown Oil-Free finish compact foundation (.31 Oz/9g)

I think I've raved enough for this foundation. It's my favorite one. I used the word "dry" in the review vid, but it's actually more like becoming matte on your skin, yet retaining the silkiness. (It makes you look dewy!) The foundation is creamy and easy to play around with.
It comes with its own sponge

Pros: very light feeling when applied, great coverage, smooth application, no creasing, silky finish
Cons: dew drops (or I don't know what it is) sometimes form on the foundation and then disappears, hard to use brush or sponge to apply on face (finger seems to be the best solution), runs out pretty quickly

* Lancome Dual Finish (0.67 Oz / 19g)
(hehe, you can see my reflection on the case :p)
I think it's a powder (doesn't say on the back), but this is very matte, so if you want to retouch or blot your oiliness, this powder (or foundation?) will do. It works opposite of the MUFE or Revlon foundation on my face, it actually generates a lighter tone when applied to my face, so too much would mean Kabuki makeup :p
it comes with its own sponge (which is pretty, yet near impractical)

Pros: very matte, doesn't clog pores, reasonable price
Cons: has that Lancome rose scent, not very suitable for pink undertones

* elf glow Minerals Bronzer Shimmer (10g Net wt.)
Alright, maybe I shouldn't bash this product since I've only used it a couple of times. But every time I used it, I really didn't like it. It makes my skin look flaky and doesn't apply well and tends to clog on, or around my pores or what not. =/


* MAC MSF in perfect topping (10g net wt.)
I'm sorrryyyy! I said I was going to let you gals know how I like this product, yet haven't had a chance to open it and use it. I guess I'm too scared it might make me look mad oily or what not. I am expecting it to give me a gentle glow :P will update once I've used it a lot

Hope this helped :)

* As you can see, I try to use as much of the products as I can before I review it. I do believe that there are good and bad days for your face, so I tend not to look at products in a negative way based on one time experiences. I try things out again and again until I have reached a point where my face can't take it anymore. Also, every product reacts differently on individuals, so the reviews are based on my personal experiences :) feel free to correct me on anything!
 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-
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  1. Thanks so much for the honest review, I'm your subscriber and luv all your review videos.

  2. This is such a great review!!! I was wondering since I haven't had a chance to browse your blog as to what colors you use in each foundation and what your skintone is. I would greatly appreciate it :)

  3. Great review! :) I'm going to try out the Bobbi Brown Foundation. I'm using the Maybelline Dream Matte Liquid Foundation right now with the powder from the same line (I use another laura mercier powder puff with it and press a thin layer on my face) and it's working pretty well. But I would really like to skip out on the powder step, so I can't wait to try the Bobbi Brown one!

  4. Can you please do a review on your EL Double Wear? Thanks :)

  5. hello, love ur videos. Which shade are you using for the bobbi brown oil free foundation?

  6. i <3 your blog!! i think i might be making a trip to korean soon, which shades do you use for the Chanel Blanc Compact?


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