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New Hair color :D + makeup collection rant(-ish..)

Can anyone tell the difference? :'(
I tried to lighten up and it looks the same as it was before.. arggg

------Added post -------

I feel like I'm cluttering this post, but I don't want to overpost my blog so I might as well just write it here.

I dyed my own hair at home this time! XD
reason being.. 1. I'm conserving cash 2. my stylist is out of town 3. I felt encouraged after watching Kandee's hair dye video (click here to watch)

her method of applying hair dye was really useful, because the biggest challenge of home-dye is avoiding those weird patches and uneven coloring.

But I underestimated the fact that Kandee was actually going for a darker shade and I was going for a lighter shade... So after I applied my formula as instructed I noticed that my roots were evenly colored but the rest of the hair was nearly uncolored!
So I ended up having super light roots with darker ends (T-T)*

I rushed to Rickey's and bought another set of hair dye and had to do a second round... trying to avoid the roots and even out the colors on the rest of my hair.

This is the thing when you're going for a lighter shade. I know that the box instructions say to start from the roots, but every time I went to the salon to get a lighter shade, the salon would leave an inch of roots and dye the rest of my hair, let it sit for 20 minutes AND THEN add colors to my roots.
Reason being: the roots are the newest and healthiest part of our hair and it's most likely to not have any colorings on it so it absorbs the color faster than the rest of your hair.
So if you want even coloring, it is best to do the roots at the end.

Also, a note to my previous post on hair color and red/golden undertones.. I found an additive called "unred" at Rickey's today. I'm sure you could find it at beauty supply stores

It's suppose to eliminate the red undertones you get when you dye your hair.

Based on my experience today (I used Ash Blonde 8 1/2 [with blue undertones] + developer in 40 vol.) it didn't completely eliminate the red/gold tones at the root.. but it was good enough since my hair doesn't seem to have that synthetic glare when I'm under bright lighting.

So, if you're looking for a solution you could try it out (it was 5.99 at Rickey's)

------------- another added rant

I don't know how much you guys enjoy watching makeup collection videos, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching what other people have :D maybe it's because it's like getting a very well-informed tour of a mini cosmetics museum or something like that. So I'm all about makeup collection videos. I try to watch almost every single one out there and drool and envy others' collections.

but.. did you guys ever notice how MAC is somewhat like a status symbol in the makeup world? I mean it's not like MAC is the most expensive and hard-to-get brand out in the market, yet every single time I watch a collection video I can't help but notice how people brush through other brands and always go into micro-details about whatever MAC products they have.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a MAC hater but I guess my mind is still fresh from watching collection videos all day today. I glimpsed into my lip product basket, and I dunno... if I were to make a collection video, I'd probably pick up my favorite gloss (which is an Estee Lauder one) and go on and on and on about how much I love it rather than pointing out all my MACs and skipping other brand ones =/

But, that's just me.

Just because I don't do it doesn't mean others can't.
I still like watching collection videos no matter how big or small one's collection is. And I definitely wouldn't mind whether one had MACs or not, but.. (decided not to write the rest of the sentence -_-; because I'm weird like that >=l)

I was intrigued with the trend within collection videos and I like to ramble my thoughts out loud, so nothing personal and I'm not pointing out specific individuals (-0-)

anyway, sorry about the long post
good night ladies (^-^)~*
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  1. the color came out very nice! i think i'll try dying it at home again too- i've had bad experiences where my browns became orange.

    on another note, i really enjoy your videos and hope you keep 'em coming!

  2. I find the same thing about MAC also. Its like you must be super awesome with make up if you own MAC cosmetics! /endsarcasm. Your hair looks lovely :) I'm thinking of dying my hair again sometime soon. I was thinking of going chesnut instead of dark brown. I can see it turning out orange tbh lol. Loving the blog as per usual, Lauren xx

  3. OOohh..maybe i should do a makeup collection/favs as one of my next videos. i can never think of what to do and doing my face infront of the camera...i feel like i look so odd XD i think i'm one of the few makeup lovers that don't own anything mac..just something about it, the colors just don't work for me, too pigmented. I'm a major japanese cosmetics lover though!

    i'm glad you liked the site! haha i have another one i go to weekly as they only update once a week. it's from msn called animal tracks
    they've got THE CUTEST penguin pictures!!!!!!!!! the may 3-10 pictures are probably my fav at the moment XD

  4. I can see the difference, your hair definetly looks a bit lighter, very pretty!^-^♥

  5. I was debating whether to dye my hair or not. Now you have totally convinced me to dye my hair! I really like your colour.

  6. I totally agree with your MAC comment! For whatever reason, I don't particularly care for MAC items. I have tried one of their lipsticks many years ago and that alone had turned me away from lipstick till this day! Maybe it's all the hype - but I just don't want any part of the MAC "cult" :P

  7. so i have short hair and it rearly grows do you know anyway on how i could get my hair to grow?????

  8. I think the color came out nicely.

    I personally prefer to dye my hair at home. I have been blonde, my natural soft black, dark brown, light brown, reddish blonde, and now black again.

    I use Loreal Paris Preference, it is a low price and is very easy to get full coverage without those terrible little spots of where the color refuses to sit right. I have trichotillomania, so dying my hair helps me to deal with it, but I also have to be careful because of it. Loreal Paris Preference also comes with this nice little tube of hydrating conditioner that leaves you hair silky soft.

    Anyway. Enough rambling. Lol. ^_^

  9. I think the same way about MAC first, when I started with makeup, MAC is the best out there in terms of brushes and makeup but after purchasing them...I got really disappointed with all of now, I don't buy MAC products anymore coz (1) they are pricey and (2) there are better products out there.


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