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A Solution to easy brush washing

I've been using EnKore's way of manually washing brushes one by one with my hands and it is just toooooo time consuming when things pile up. I was looking through drawers the other day and discovered a new sponge that was never used. It's from Whole Foods, and its 100% biodegradable (I think it was like 5.99 for two in a package) which means it won't be leaking any chemicals that might irritate my face.

This is the product name that was on the band

(click to enlarge)

and this is how the sponge looks like.

(the hair on the sponge is my CS brush shedding like crazy -_-)

It has thick fibers intertwined and all you have to do it soak the sponge, add some gentle shampoo on it and rub your brushes gently on it 3-5 times, which will make the shampoo lather, and then its completely clean! rinse the brush under running water and let it dry in the shade on a towel.

I'm so happy I finally found an easy way to wash my brushes! those that can get a grip of these sponges, try it at homeeeee! I totally recommend it ^0^*
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  1. oh sweet! I always question my own brush washing ability lol

  2. Hey catalina,

    i found your youtube channel tuday through suzi and u are truly my new FAVE !

    I just want to ask where do you purchase your asian makeup ? =))

    ill keep supportn your channel girlie ;)


  3. this idea is just amazing! thanks Cat! I might try this out next time I wash my brush :-)

  4. this is such a great idea! thanks for sharing Cat! I might try this next time I wash my brushes :-)


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