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tips on good pooping

Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-
OK, it sounds yucky but I don't think anyone out there could deny the fact that they poop! LOL
So here's the thing about pooping. If you're not pooping regularly, that means something is wrong internally and one of the biggest damages it brings is skin problems on your face (along with bloating, discomfort, stress, etc) . The colors on our body is a reflection of our health. For instance, if someone's white of their eyes have yellow coloring, you know that that person's liver is suffering. Or if someone has black/dark discoloring in their gums, you know they're gums are suffering..etc.

So here's the thing about pooping. If we don't get the poo-poops out of our body, it means that the toxin and waste is just sitting inside our body and if we can't take that out, then obviously our skin is going to start to break out since the toxins aren't properly disposed.

If you see people that suffer from constipation, they're complexions are dark, dull and often have pimples around the cheek and chin area.

Alright, enough of lecturing :p I'll just jump right to the point.

I've actually never suffered from constipation, but I've stumbled across this method by accident and based on my experience.. poopies just keep coming out like there's no tomorrow!

The exact ingredients are 1 bottle of 100% Pomegranate juice (no blends or sweetened juices, and DON'T USE POM, it doesn't work)
and one bottle of Schweppes club soda (Canadian Dry is too weak for this formula)

So all you need to do is mix these two with a ratio of 1:1 in a glass cup and drink it. (It's really yummy too)

I drank 1~2 cups a day and the miracle worked for me. If you have severe constipation, I would recommend 3~4 glasses a day with regular meals (don't starve, please)
(there is no need to change your diet unless you have a very poor diet =/ Always remember your fibers! veggies and greens really are essential to good pooping and great skin!)

If you're just curious and want to try it out - just remember not to go overboard ;) because I do have to warn, you'll burp and fart more than you usually did.

I recommended this method to a lot of ladies around me that complained about constipation, and those that actually took my recommendation seriously and followed through have all been very happy with it. those that just didn't bother still have constipation (-_-;)

So, think it as an investment and try it if you want to push those brownies out :) (oh yuck... I can't believe I said brownies.. now I'm going to gag every time I eat a*t)

* don't forget to keep the cap on the club soda bottle tightly sealed so it doesn't lose its frizz for next time's use.

take care :)

-|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-
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  1. hahahahaha omg I LOVE this post!! so funny but so true. love how candid you are :)

  2. aww thanks XD but I should refrain myself. =/ I'm sure some ppl were grossed out LOL

  3. haha i love you for making this post! :DD because it seems as if there are so many people (girls) out there, denying that they're a normal human being who poops, has diarrhea sometimes & pick their nose.

    it's so admirable that you're so down to earth :]

  4. i love this idea! i will give it a try and let u know~

  5. Thank you!!!
    I do have constipation and sadly it made my uterus prolapse worse (I'm a mother of two large babies!).
    So... yes, a little gross but... but I'm thankful you did the post.
    Now... to find these products or alternatives in my country!

  6. i just tried this drink today, delicious! lol

  7. Haha, thanks =] I think it's really cool you did this, I'll have to try it out (though I'm a lil afraid to drink the Pom juice, and I don't even know where to get it!!)

    I seriously hope it helps me.

    Good day! =]

  8. Hey Catalina! I just tried this out and it works...kind of. I am not using the same club soda you mentioned though. I bought a generic brand. Does that mean its not strong enough? Do I have to use Schwepps (sp?) for it to work? :/

  9. How long do I have to drink this for before it starts working? :(

  10. ooo...huh, so pom doesn't work? ahaha I guess I'm not the only one then eeheh ^^

  11. oh wow i stumbled to your old post. this is entirely true though. to be honest, i get grossed out on people who don't even poop once a day! They told me they can live off not pooping in a week and someone even told me that they only poop about 5-7 times a month! GOD NOW THAT IS GROSS. ;A;

    Anyway, what you recommend to drink is what i call 'trigger to the bathroom'. I had tons of triggers I drink so I can poop because I feel so restless if I don't poop even once in a day. I just feel unclean and uneasy too. From my youth, the triggers I had started with full cream milk, black coffee, frappuccino, and latte. Sounds i'm lactose intolerant right? Actually no, they just make me poop.

    Recently, I drink one bottle of yakult every meal and every meal, I go and do the business. I may not eat the usual greens everyday but I think its best that people do it about 2-3 times a day.

    I also found that if you let those toxins or what Catalina points out, those brownies sit in your system far too long, it would REALLY SMELL PRETTY BAD when you let it out. I mean, I get the usual poop bad smell you get everyday you do it, but its much much much more worst if its seldom released.

    Okay, now I feel like i'm going to barf with all of this poop talks. hahahaha

    But i love it when people talk about this humane stuff, I get irate at people when they deny it. I'm like, 'you're not a god you know, and you don't shit rainbows." hahahaha


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