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I occasionally receive questions about my piercing, so I decided to just make an entry on it.

The picture on the left is a picture of BoA (a Korean singer), and like many Koreans, I too was once fascinated by her piercing and decided to punch holes in my ear. (This was back in summer 2005 or so..)

So, to begin with, I already had 2 regular earring holes on each side, an additional three holes on my left year (all skin), and additional two (all skin too) on my right.

Piercing (bigger holes, punctured with larger-rimmed needles) holes are actually only three. I had one on my left conch (this is the only one I still have one), another one in my left industrial (I took this one out), and one on my lower right industrial.

Actually the conch didn't hurt at all. If any of you are planning to pierce that area, I think the pain will be tolerable (I'm very resilient to pain, so I guess the degree of pain may vary). The lower industrial on my right ear hurt the most. I was literally in pain for a couple of days.
Other than that, I think piercing is fun and very addictive. I don't know why, but once you step into the world of piercing, it's pretty much non-stop. I think it's the same with tattooing, and that's why I decided not to tattoo anything on my body.

Tips: when you pierce your ears, try to do one ear at a time. For example, if you want to pierce each ear, pierce your right or left one first, let it heal for at least 7 - 10 days, and then pierce the other ear. Your ears will get swollen and when you sleep, it's going to be very difficult to sleep if both sides are pierced since at some point you'll roll on your side.

Also, don't take out your piercing for at least 3 months after you get them in. If you want the hole to develop well, you should thoroughly wash your hands, and gently twist the earring when the swelling and puffiness goes down.
Hygiene is the biggest issue when it comes to any piercing on your body. Always keep everything clean and go to a clean place to get your piercing done (esp. don't try to make a hole in your nose at home, that's really unsanitary..)

Note: You should keep this in mind. The more holes you make in your ear, the more your ear shape is going to be altered. It's not like a chunk of flesh or anything gets cut out when you make the holes in your ear. They get pushed to the side as the hole is forced into your ear. That will result in a slight, or more apparent alteration of the ear shape. My ear shape has also changed, and there's this lump of bone slightly formed around my conch too. So, if you think that altering body shapes or so will bring you misfortune, it's not worth an adventure.

I tried to dig up some pictures of my piercing when I had my earrings on.
So, here is. Let me know if any of you guys are questions :)
Personally, I really really liked (and still like) a lot of bling bling going on in the ears. I just felt the weird social pressure to take them off after an instructor mentioned my piercing in a slightly negative tone when I was visiting her during office hours.

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  1. wicked awesome piercings! i like how you do your eyeliner, what do you use?

  2. haha thanks :)
    I use Lancome! and always the dark brown color

  3. :D I knew that looked like a conch! My cousin went from 2 piercings to 10 in only 2 months! She's really addicted now.
    I wish I knew not to pierce both ears at the same time. T_T!! I had both traguses done at the same time and it was stupid of me.

    But I like just the conch. It's very unique

  4. this is cool. i've wanted some extra piercings a while back, but only stuck with the 3 i have. it just seemed like too much of a hassle.

  5. Piercing can really get addictive! Sometimes, I just feel the urge to get a piercing, but good thing it's usually under control ^_^

  6. Thanks so much for answering my questions from youtube! concerning you're piercings...i know so much now and i definately know what i want ! :)

  7. Just recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it very much! Yeah, I totally got influenced by Boa's piercings too...can't remember how many I had, but at one point I stopped wearing my earrings and now I don't know if all my piercings are still pierced or not. ^^

  8. I've had my conch piercing for a year already and i totally love it :) does it hurt when you change the conch earring? I still havent got the guts to do it yet.


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