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Doodling on pictures

does anyone else do this? LOL

(LOL.. the background stuff is when I was a neuroscience major :p)
* Careful with plastic bottle tops ladies..~ I broke my benetint because I twisted it too hard (same damage done to my MAC fix+ T-T) Look at all the formula that was lost while trying to fix it

hehe, it's fun :p


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  1. aw the penguin on the shoulder is cute!!

  2. I dropped my benetint 1 time, luckily that its still OK, thank god,

  3. what make is the watch?

  4. ohmy.. im going to do it now.. so sweet :|!

  5. Your drawings are cute! I can't draw for the life of me. Not even a straight line.

  6. Those doodles are so cute! Sorry about your benetint, that sucks arse.

  7. i dont do that...

    but now i want to :D
    so cute doodles :p

  8. Lol, that's so cute! You look great in glasses, Cat.

  9. i like the doodling.. it's pretty entertaining !

  10. @mikismet: haha, thanks :)

    @Le Mai Trang: LOL, benetint is pretty sturdy :P I have this bad habit of trying to twist caps on too tightly because I always do that with coke bottles :p err.. I'm too strong to be a girly girl

    @Anonymous: you mean the brand? it's a chanel

    @anna: hehe thanks :p

    @Laura: haha, do it +_+

    @Liang: haha, I'm pretty bad too :p that's why we call it doodling rather than art!

    @Dee: thanks! nah.. I never got to use it anyway. I just have this weird disconnection with benefit's bottled tints or beams or things they have :p

    @Emily: haha do it +_+ it's mucho fun!

    @Aika: ahaha thanks :p I pull 'em down like granny glasses!

    @Blovet Beauty: thanks! you should totally doodle too~ it's so fun XD

  11. Haha, those doodling are cute...I used to have a mini benetint, since I use it right after eating (without wiping mouth) it turned muddy within a month...

    After I learned my lesson, I got a fullsized one and (tried to) be very careful with it...then it turned muddy again...So now I just gave up.

  12. love the doodles- so creative that you combined them with your pictures. I doodle on my iPod all the time too.

  13. hey did you use one of those bamboo pen thingies?
    I'm planning to get one! =)

  14. i think the cap of benetint has some fundamental problem. it happened to me too...I was carrying it around in my bag and everything in my bag (not important things tho..) was ruined...


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