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FOTD 081009

- Just a FOTD shot. Time management is really stressing me out =/ I am wondering if I should film a video or not.

- My giveaway ends today! Finally my mailbox won't be bombarded with entry notifications! 131 mails in 1 hour was the peak! :p

- Err, I noticed I failed to update you guys on my Korean trip. I canceled it due to many reasons (problems here, problems there). I decided to go in the winter if I still don't have a job then (LOL). Sorry about exciting you guys, but my friend said she'll help me out on shipping stuff back to the US so that won't be a problem. Ugh, only thing is, I missed Missha day! now I have to wait another month! :(

Anyway, have a sweet day ladies :)
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  1. thanks for the update, hope u had fun in Korea and hope u feel better, and dont stress out that much :] i really love your makeup its so prettiful!

  2. love the look gorgeous =) too bad on ur korea trip =/ hope it'll work out later!

  3. Looks great on you dear! Aww, sucks about the trip, but hope you fun when you do go! Boo on Missha day! I'd be bummed too. =\

  4. wow, i love the makeup look! You should do a video on it! It looks so simple and elegant but still very pretty!

  5. ur lip color is super prettY! It's such a sweet & elegant look :)

  6. @Emily: LOL I didnt go to Korea :p but thanks!

    @Mel: I'm sure it will! :Dhehe

    @Dee: haha, Missha day will come again, I just have to fill in my shopping cart and have everything ready next month :p

    @DonDOn: Thank you! err.. I tried making a tutorial but was stressed out about my time management :p will try some time soon~

    @Blovet Beauty: thank you ^_^ Lovelorn by MAC!

    @LovelyKimi: haha, they're not circle lenses, but thanks!

  7. OOOOOO! SO GORGEOUS * O____O * <---start struck! hahaha~


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