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FOTD 081209 + gray lenses

I'm trying out one set of my new lenses everyday :)
Today I tried the gray ones (CM901) and they look really natural!

close up of CM901 (gray lenses)

with natural lighting coming through the window.

Facing direct sunlight (although it is a very cloudy day today)

Indoors (there's barely any sunlight coming through, and one lamp is on)

I'm just happy with the lenses!

and here's a pic from last night..
I accidently snapped while I was setting the camera up for something

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  1. Catalina you are so beautiful and i love the makeup you always do it's so flawless :D i like how you do your brows too! hehe dont go buying 100 pairs of lenses now =P

  2. Catalina ! so pretty alreasy and i really love those gray lenses I think I will buy this color

  3. Those lenses look really good on you!

  4. Very natural indeed! I always thought you don't wear any! :]

  5. Very natural! I like these on you. Those contacts seem to blend very well into your natural eye color.

  6. @Ushishi: haha, thank you! I always have a hard time with my brows since I barely have any T-T)LOL but thanks! I should do another video on brows

    @Emily: thank you ^0^ haha, try them~
    I like the gray ones over the blue ones since the gray ones feel better on my eyes :p (although they are all the same brand)

    @Liang: thank you! I love your icon picture :)

    @fuzkittie: haha, I always wear colored lenses :p It somehow gradually happened like that

    @Blovet Beauty: thank you! :p

    @Dee: Yes they do! I was expecting a more whitish coloring after looking at the examples on their blog, but I like how it's not so obvious :D

  7. I luv the color! they look realy nice on you @"@ Your videos are awesome too!!


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