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FOTD 081309 - Brown colored lenses

Hi! :)

Just a reminder!
BlogTV Trial week is ending tomorrow!! (come Join me at 2:00 - 4:00 pm tmr)

I will be doing one more BlogTV during the daytime (2-4 pm) tomorrow (Aug. 14th, Friday) and decide on what day/time I will hold blogTV regularly
Currently, the most asked is every Saturday 9 or 10 PMish.
If you want to suggest any dates or time slots, please let me know!

---------- [ FOTD ] ----------

Just for those that are new, I'm trying on 5 different colors/kinds of new lenses that I've got.
Today was the Brown ones :D (CM902) <-- If you want to see how the lenses look like click here

err.. I look spaced out, but I was trying my best to show the lenses :p

Sorry :p no natural lighting, :( The weather was mad cloudy today and everything came out as a black blur..

For those of you that are curious, these lenses are from Mesmerized Eyes


Check out the back of the t-shirt I'm wearing in the picture LOL

oops.. it came out backwards! LOL here's the link

It was actually in the kids' section, but I think most Asians can relate to me on American clothing sizes :p
sizes are sized too big and junior wear or kids clothes fit perfectly fine.

anyway, I was at the penguin store and I was just excited about the penguin mark, I became so delusional I misread "lifeguard on Duty" as "Penguin on Duty"
... It is probably because the e, g, u were close to each other on "Lifeguard" -_-;;;

well.. it was on sale, so I have no problems :/
I just wanted to show you guys the penguin mark ^__^
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  1. I luv that purple with the contacts!

  2. LOL on the shirt. Its real cute! Purple does look great with brown. Those contacts look real nice hun!

  3. love your colored i really want some colored leses....(haha evethough i dont wear glasses or regular contacts) you look pretty :]

    haha cute shirt
    lifeguard on duty...penguin haha cute ~

  4. Hey girl, that is a cute shirt- because of the penguin! haha. Just letting you know, I posted your Fragrances 101 video on my blog to share :) hope you don't mind!

  5. @sormui: thanks! :D Coastal scents never disappoints :p

    @Dee: haha, it was an epic fail on my part :p thanks for the compliment! hehe, I should really wear them in videos so you guys can get a better idea :p

    @Emily: haha, there are actually lenses that ppl who don't have vision problems can wear. But dang.. I'm so jealous :p I've been wearing glasses since I was in first grade. life with glasses sucks! I wish I had good vision T-T

    @Miss K.You: haha, thanks :p Oh, and no problem~ you can take whatever you want to ^^ no need to ask or feel bad about it! I feel honored!! ^__^

  6. I love ur vdos^___^
    i saw your pics and I got those contact lens as well
    like you said I felt like i had sth in my eyes too =(
    T^T i only used it once i don't feel like wearing it again, it was so irritating my eyes was very dry
    i bought the eye drops or the lubricant to use during the day but it only helps for 1 hour then it starts to irritate me again

    how long do you wear urs? do you use any lubricant? is it normal that my eyes get really it me or does this happen to everyone


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