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JLPT 2009 :)

I finally safely registered after failing to do so for two consecutive years :p

I was super busy during the 2007 registration period, missed it, got super pissed at myself, and then forgot to register again in 2008. -_-;

Anyway, I finally registered for this year's exam ^^
For those of you that are planning to take the test hurry~ time flies and before you know, the period is going to end!

I should start studying tmr :p I feel super motivated!!

- Catalina -
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  1. Wow nouken! LOL I'm taking it for the first time this yr as well.. in NY :) Maybe we'll see each other?
    I'm too chicken to take 1kyu so I'm going to take 3kyu or 2kyu (registered 3kyu but might change). I suck at kanji! You will probably pass, don't worry!! But somehow my two native Japanese friends failed 1kyu 3 times. -_-;
    I'm a native speaker as well but my kanji level is so terrible.. =(

  2. The very best of luck Cat!!! ^__________^ When you pass, you must say it to us in Japanese that you made it!

    >_> I have to catch up on my Nihongo as well.

    Have a good night, and yay!


  3. OMG! we should def. meet up before or after the exam haha. I'm taking it in NY too :p
    LOL you should def. take level 2. I could send you the essential kanjis for the test (if you need it ;) just give me an email ( I think all standardized tests are pretty much the same.. you have to have your small smarts :p
    my bff sent me a lot of JLPT stuff (like a book that has the most frequently asked questions, etc.) and she's never been to Japan and basically learned nihongo on her own and passed level 1 without failing :p we should ganbaru too ^0^ check out the JLPT forums and stuff +_+ they are really helpful ;)

  4. @Aika: hehe thanks :p I would def. make a "tears of joy" video if I passed haha :p
    yay! talking with you guys makes me feel motivated! we should all ganbaru~~ >.<

  5. Congrats!! Well done! I'm so happy for you!

  6. Congrats! I'd fail a ton I think, lol. I wish you the best Catalina and I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors!

  7. 1級受けるの?!うっわー、大変(時間が長いから)。がんばってね!

  8. @Jamilia: LOL, well it's only registration :p hehe, thanks though :)

    @Dee: hehe, thank you!! :)

    @Sense: >-< sense, ohiasasiburidesu!! ogenkidesuka?>_< kanarazu netshinni benkyoshite goukakusuruyounisimasu :p!! \(>0<)/


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