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A Mariah Carey Nudy look :)

So I was watching MC's "O holy Night" video this morning, and it just reminded me of how much I love MC. And by love I mean serious LOVING <3
I don't know why people always talk bad about her, call her names and try to bring her down :(
So what if she has a diva-ish attitude, she's not like some joe schmo who gained fame because she had a famous daddy or because of her weight gain and weight loss.
Anyway, aside of that, I have always adored MC's hair and makeup (esp. after she went blonde). She always seems to wear makeup, clothes, shoes and her hair that flatters her in the best way!

here's a capture of her look in the video

so let's start :)
First apply any type of face stuff you want.
Since Mariah has flawless skin, try to imitate her skin as much as possible
(primer, foundation, concealer, powder..etc, whatever you want to use ^^)
I used Revlon's Colorstay foundation in 220 Natural Beige

Now with the brows..
MC has a somewhat defined brows and they aren't too thick nor too thin
so we'll define our brows in that manner.
I drew them a bit darker than usual
(Sephora Colorful mono matte. no.1)

Prime your eyelids before you apply shadow
Something that has a gold base is preferably better since we are aiming for shiny, nudy lids
- I already applied mine -
(Mac Paint Pot in "Rubenesque")

Apply a nude-toned shadow all over your lids
try to feather is out so the harsh lines aren't visible
- Left eye (on the picture) is a completed look, right eye is in progress -
(MUFE Star Powder in # 947)

Tightline your lashline.
Try to minimize the thickness so the edge of your lids won't look heavy when you close your eyes
- Left is completed, right is in progress -
(Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Chataigne)

Bring down the eyeliner to where the red X mark is.
As you can see, the outer corner is thicker than where the under lashline liner ends.
Try to gradually slim down the line so it could look natural.
- left eye (on the picture) is an completed look, the right one is in progress -
(Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in "Chataigne")

Using a small angled brush, pat on a dark shade ON your eyeliner so it won't smudge or blend out. That's a big no no for this look.
Don't drag out the shadow or anything.. just firmly pat it exactly on top of the eyeliner
(Sephora colorful mono matte no.1)

Curl your lashes :)
but not so close to your roots. that will make your lashes jump and stand up, which won't go well with this uber natural look. just a slight curl is good.
(Shiseido Eyelash curler)

Coat both your upper and lower lashes
If you have short stubborn lashes like me, it's okay to apply several coats on the upper lashes
but be careful with the lower lashes. Especially if you have long lower lashes..
Since there isn't that much eyeliner on your lower lashline, you don't want your lower lashes to stick out because it will create a messy look on your eyes.
Moderation is the way to go. don't get excited and over coat your lower lashes
(Giorgio Armani Maestro Intense Mascara in black)

Alrighty.. this is the half-way done look.
It doesn't seem like much since everything is so subtle, but if you compare it with the first picture, there is some difference :D

So, back to the look.
Now we're going to do the cheeks. If you look closely at MC's makeup she has a peachy blush
swept heavily on her cheeks.
To create that look, smile as much as you can and try to apply an coral or orangy toned blush all over the dotted area with the tip of your brush.
after that, don't forget to blend out any harsh edges
(Mac Mineralized Blush in "Nuance")

Use a nude-toned lipstick for your lips.
I chose the wrong one, and it had pink undertones to it...
but try to stick with nude shades that have more of a brown undertone to it
(Mac lipstick in "Myth")

If you want some glossiness, also use a nude-toned gloss or a colorless one.
I used one that has brown undertones to it
(Dior Addict Ultra Shine Reflect in 127)

And here's the finished look.
Sorry, I just failed to take the finished look in better lighting.. =/
but I'm sure you guys get the idea :D

Hope this helped!

* Don't forget!! I have BLOGTV at 10:30 PM (EST) today :D
come join me!! :)

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  1. tats a really Pretty natural look. thks for sharing the steps to how u achieved it!

  2. That's a really good step by step tutorial.
    Do you have a tutorial on tightlining?
    Thanks again for your blog and youtube videos!

  3. hi, i was just watching your leah dizon makeup inspirational youtube video, i really love the song in the background. can you tell me what's the name of it????? thank you!!

  4. Thanks guys :p
    no, I don't have a video on tight lining, I'll try to put together an eyeliner video :)

    The song is called "Sweet song" by Wen sun (I think?) feat. Lady Bird

  5. you said you accidentally used a pink undertone lipstick but to use myth (a more beige undertone). but i really like the pink one you used here! what was it?? and im assuming that the lip gloss was the one with the brown undertone?

  6. are you wearing circle lense in this? if so, which ones?~~~ thanks~~ very pretty ^.^


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