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this NARS girl.. I need some help!

Hi Gals :)
Does anyone know what season or collection this ad or picture is from?
I love this look and it was a picture from the Nars corner at sephora. To be exact, it was where the eye makeup remover and mascara section was.

Can anybody help me out? :(
Like, does anyone know what specific season/collection this was?

or is this just a random picture sephora decided to put there.

So Pretty!
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  1. sorry i dont know which one but you can see all the looks from nars here

  2. Haha... I think it looks good only because the coral/orange colours stood out against the blue eyes.

  3. i saw it in sephora today. so it must be a new season.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ok, my comment went all whack, sorry for double posting. I meant to say..

    It could be the TIBI look
    but I'm not so sure. =\
    Since the comment above said they saw it at Sephora, but may be the upcoming fall collection.

  6. I see... thanks for the help girls (I still couldn't find the exact look T-T)
    err.. I'll let you guys know if I do

  7. I know this is kind of late, but here is a better picture if you still need it.

    from the post it seems to be called "Big eyes of the century"...and that sounds kind of silly after my blunt translation. It's just a collection of liquid liner and mascara.

  8. Hey :)

    Fall 2009 I think



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