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New Color Lenses (A LOT ^_^)

Yay~ My new lenses finally came <3
I've always wanted to try the Geo Angle Lenses, and I got five pairs of them in the mail today!

Click to enlarge~! The original images are HUGE

Here's CM832 (a blue circle lens)

This one is CH622 (Blue two-toned color lenses)

This one is CM901 (A three-toned Soft Bluish Gray color lens)
* Looks almost identical to my Freshcolors gray lenses

CM902 (Soft Two Toned Brown colored lenses)

CM834 (Honey colored circle lenses)

I couldn't get swatches on my eyes since the indoor lighting at my place is so poor (everything comes out yellow when I don't have natural lighting). But I will be wearing these more frequently in my tuts and videos :)
Oh, I got mine from Mesmerized Eyes :)

* Side note on opening..
I cut my hands and ripped my nails while trying to force the bottle open. See that arrow? that's where you lift the top and open the bottle. Be careful since the foil part is rigid and sharp!

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  1. nice haul :] love the color lenses color its so pretty , cant wait to see how it looks, (i really want to buy some too...but im still hesitating on which ones to buy ) ...and thanks for the warning (oww...o_o) doesnt it hurt , hope your hands get better

  2. the last 3 look gorgeous! cant wait to see you wear them!

  3. Pretty. I always wanted to try them too. I can't wait to see you wear them in your vids!

  4. hi there...where do u buy ur lenses an online store???


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