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New stuff

Hmm.. I noticed that I haven't been persistent with haul or reviews. I should be more informative and keep you guys updated with the stuff I get.

So, two products that I am looking forward to are..

1. The body shop camomile waterproof eye make-up remover.
It was on a promotional price (9.00 dollars, and 9.80 dollars with tax included at the body shop). I think the original retail is around 14.99 but they are having a promotion on it, so if you guys want to grab it, now is your chance :)

2. Jojoba Oil
I heard that jojoba oil is good for your hair. They sell various brands at Whole Foods and other places (this one is from whole foods, "whole body" section)

anyway, I will update you guys with how I like the products :D

- Catalina -

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1 comment:

  1. I swear by the Body Shop eye makeup remover. I have the creamy type for waterproof makeup, too, but I have to say it isn't half as great as the regular kind, which is *really like water (no viscosity, no scent, zero oily-ness, just clear "camomile" water) that completely removes all makeup like magic. It just melts everything away -- completely dissolves everything -- it's sheer amazingness! Before this I have tried different ones and mainly found Lancome Bi-Facil to be pretty nice but honestly, have never found anything like the Body Shop one mainly in its complete and utter freedom from oiliness. It just feels so pure, and it does its job so amazingly well. I make sure I have 3 in stock at any given time and that goes to show how much I rely on it and know that I will never tire of its amazingness. (Also whenever I need an extra purchase to get fill up to maximum points I pick up another bottle of this because it's amazing.) AHHH most importantly, it is so ridiculously cheap while blowing all of its much more expensive competitions out of the water: $14.50. Yup. Less than half of what you'd pay for a good eye makeup remover, and, like I said, it just DISSOLVES EVERYTHING and IS SO GENTLE. It lasts a long while, too. The cream type one for waterproof makeup is good, but the most amazing things about the regular kind are missing from that one. It's still economically sensible and does a good job, but I am not half as big a fan of this one than I am of the regular kind. I am sorry if I bored you with this excited *sales talk -- I am in no way affiliated with Body Shop (wish I were since I evangelize this product so much) but it happens to be the one product that I can absolutely absolutely vouch for. Ok so now that that all of that is out of the way,

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VIDEOS AND BLOG POSTS! I've kind of lost the urge to make myself look pretty for a while for a combination of reasons but looking at your videos I remembered how great it feels to make yourself look nice and to take care of your appearances in general. You also inspired me to indulge in some coloured contacts, so I'll let you know how that goes... : ) You are seriously gorgeous, and your awesome taste is clearly reflected in everything that you do, and at least in the way you have chosen to reveal yourself to us, most clearly reflected in the amazing things that you choose to apply to enhance your beauty and express yourself. : ) I appreciate how your tuts are somehow both down-to-earth but really, really not tacky. You seem like a very intelligent person and I am glad that you have chosen to share this passion and knowledge of yours with us. NYC must be turning really gorgeous right about now -- surprise us with more beautiful videos and take care. : )

    Your fellow compatriot


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