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Tiny Haul

wtf.. did MAC increase their price again? or am I just a delusional person who thought the regular eyeshadows were $14.00? anyway, I got an eyeshadow (Grand Entrance - $14.50) from the latest "Love that look" collection and a goldish nude colored pigment (Blonde's Gold).

(sorry, I don't have a small point and shoot camera to zoom in -_-;; but I think you guys can see what colors I'm into lately - click to enlarge if you want to see it in a bit bigger size)

Also, I went to two Sephoras today, and the only thing that actually caught my eye was the "Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder" from Too Faced Cosmetics and boo! they were out of it.
Lately I'm really into shimmery, nudy tones.

* While I was at the MAC pro store, one of the MUAs started to make small talk with me. He kept on telling me how to go on youtube and search for "depoting mac shadows".

MUA: I mean.. just go to google, and search for "depoting MAC shadows" and there's like tons of videos on Youtube.
Me: I know.. (I live on YT)
MUA: There's the burning method, heating method, but the latest one is none of the above
Me: Oh, you mean the rubbing alcohol version?
MUA: yeah yeah! those videos are amazing out there. there's so much buzz about them
Me: You should make videos too :D
MUA: .....

I think he'll make a great youtuber since he's really friendly and has a lot of access to makeup and stuff and will be the first to know all the insider's news and what nots.

But anyway. It was a bit unpleasant to see MAC raise it's prices (or I'm just mistaken -.-) again.
Other than that, I had a great day today. I went to Union Square and Petco and this awesome store on 21st street where they sell mighty cute stuff (there were strict with their no photography policy..). And I went to the new Sephora on 42nd and 7th avenue and I think it's the best Sephora in the city. It's new, huge, very clean and organized and has soooo much collections that I haven't seen in other stores (they also have panacea81's bylaurenluke corner).

miniature pet snakes at petco (T-T) their lives seem really miserable..
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  1. no u're not crazy. MAC did increase their prices this year. there was a thread on it specktra ( :(

  2. Hey, the shadows look like pretty colors! I've been wanting to get a Love That Look shadow. The MUA sounds like a funny guy.. I bet he would be shocked to see you are a Youtube gugu :p

  3. the prices were increased as of july 25th =(

    I got a heads up from my mac ma and picked up the shadows from the love that look collection BEFORE the price increase =P

  4. lovely colors! too bad about the prices =(

  5. thanks so much for the MAC haul!

    ah wow...the snakes at petco ......

  6. I heard that from my boyfriend's mom. She was upset too. She was going to buy MAC lipstick but when she saw how small it is and the price. She changed her mind and got NYX lipstick for $2 no more than $ 4.00.

  7. @wendycakes: arghhhhhhhhhhh such bad news! if I only knew it a couple of weeks earlier!

    @Miss K.You: you should def. check out the shades! I think they are all pretty aweome (except rated "R") but there's a lot of similar shades too.. so def. check it out and let me know if you get any ^0^

    @Sanderlees: NOOOOOOO!!!! you should have told me~ haha T-T i want to cry.. LOL

    @lilluna5416: thank you! oh well.. I will have to cut my budget on penguin stuff =/ 50 cents add up tho! haha

    @Emily: thanks for enjoying it! and I know... poor things.. it's like literally torture for them.

    @Ohrenishi: NYX lipsticks are 2-4 dollars? *eyes brighten*
    I know, I think paying full price for MAC is kindda wasteful.. the quality seems to not meet the standards it used to perform too =/


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