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The Beauty Blender look (FOTD)

Here's a video you guys can refer to..

So, I was planning to do a very simple and clean look for my tutorial today - and I also changed the format! I was explaining and putting makeup on at the same time (yikes!). As I'm babbling away about the gel liner, I noticed that the screen darkened (which usually doesn't happen when I'm filming)... I checked the monitor and oh god... -_- the video camera wasn't running!

I got a bit frustrated, and I couldn't start filming again since the eyeliner part was the most important part and I couldn't erase my entire face makeup just to do the eyeliner again. I dabbed the rest of the gel liner on the brush and made thick, dramatic eyes with three tails zooming out at the end. (yes three for.. uh... three for no particular reason)

I canceled out the mascara, because the lines already looked like lashes
and I didn't want to make the look even more dramatic and dirty (?).

So here's the full face shot.

And the products I used were

MISSHA - Pore minimizing first cream (primer)
Estee Lauder Double wear + Stila illuminating moisturizer + HERA HD + MUFE HD (I mixed them all up and built up the foundation several times)
MAC MSF in Perfect Topping

Benefit creaseless cream shadow / liner in Sippin' n Dippin (l/e)
Stila - Kitten
Kate - Dual Carat in BR01
Tony Moly Gel liner in Black
Sephora colorful mono mat. no1 (black)

Lenses from Doll.Ten in CH625

MISSHA creamy matte lipstick in Baby Milk
NYX gloss in Sorbet

And.. of course the glasses shot :)

Plus.. my hair shot...
the color is fading already!! the golden color is coming back way too fast T-T... NOOOO!!

Anyway, what a day :p
I really should stop using my isight and do something about my camera situation. I've experienced this recording failure wayyy too many times :'(

** oh, btw.. here's a short story of how I got to buy the beauty blender. **
I think it was right before I started posting videos on YT, I was watching a video of Kim Kardashian getting her makeup done.

In the video, the MUA explains what the pink thing is, and I thought it was pretty cool, so I ordered it in a heartbeat.

*note: I thought this part was hilarious..
On part two, when Mario is about to put mascara on, Kim face crumbles up and she looks so uncomfortable about the fact that he's using a drug store mascara.
"Ok, I'll try it...probably a lot cheaper than the one I've been using.. I like Lancome and MAC"

psssst...Lancome is under the L'Oreal group... -_-..
It's not A LOT cheaper, it's only a bit cheaper..
cheaper doesn't necessarily mean bad quality.
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  1. hey cat, u look like Ga-in in that greenish picture!!

  2. ahhhh i love your three line look! X3
    please redo the tutorial (when you have time)~~~ it looks fantastic! i have gel liner but i'm so slow with it.... like freakishly slow with applying it and i keep making my lines too fat T_T i really wanna see how you do your gel liner!! <3<3<3

  3. hey catalina~~
    I use it with cream foundation - but the cleanser should be able to remove the stain if you clean it immediately~! but when I also clean it later, it also comes off~ the cleanser does a great job removing the foundations~

  4. Hi I recently found your videos and liked your style. I gotta learn some skills so I started easy one first! btw where did u get the sponge the egg shape one? plz let me know thanks!

  5. Hi I recently found your videos and liked your style. I gotta learn some skills so I started easy one first! btw where did u get the sponge the egg shape one? plz let me know thanks!

  6. Hi I recently found your videos and really liked it! Btw where did you get the sponge ? Egg shape one? I would like to buy some! Plz let me know. Thanks!


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