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Cherry culture (NYX) haul

My package arrived today :D woohoo~
I don't usually shop at cherry culture unless they have a sale or free shipping, and they recently had a back to school free shipping event and most of the NYX stuff I wanted was on sale so I went ahead and got some stuff I wanted to try out

I was really baffled at how the package came with a huge hole in the back -_-;;
The lipsticks were literally about to fall out, but oh well.. at least I wasn't missing anything :)

The hand swatches were all taken in 3 swipes in natural lighting.
and I just thought the mega shine new version was awesome so put it side by side with the old version. Also, there is an eye pencil in purple that really doesn't show up much in the pictures, but it was in there too :p

Here's what I got..

--- [ Round lipsticks ~ $1.75 e/a ] ---

Electra: bright red, not completely matte but more on the matte side.
Narcissus: Candy pink, more on the matte side (this is my favorite one!)
Watermelon: similar to my "indian pink" nyx lipstick. Has peachy undertones to it. more on the sheen side
Summerlove: Nude lipstick. Creamy formula, but not sheen nor matte
Georgia: Pinky sheen lipstick.

--- [ NYX Girls round lipgloss ~ $2.00 e/a ] ---

Apricot: Runny red with apricot base
Sorbet: A bit thicker pink, but still on the runny side

--- [ NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss ~ $3.75 ] ---

Sweet heart: much thicker than the round lip glosses, smokey nude color

--- [ NYX Eye Pencil ~ $2.00 ] ---

Purple: Deep violet / hazy purple with no sparkles

So the total of this haul was $18.50 with no s/h fees :D yay! you can't even get one MAC pigment with this money and yet so many stuff from NYX :)
I'm really excited about trying out Narcissus and will let you guys know what I think about in later reviews on these products.
Let's hope that these NYXes don't fail on me :'(

* Some good news? (my own opinion) *
I generally shed away from made in china products and I was always hesitant about nyx or coastal scent products since their products are mostly made in china. And since "made in china" has such a bad reputation nowadays, a lot of companies create their labels as "made in proc or P.R.O.C" which means People's Republic of China, or "made in china" written in a different way.
But anyway, back to the point. I was looking at all of the labels, and to my surprise, NYX seems to be shifting from PRC to made in S.Korea and Taiwan! yay! (no offense to Chinese people, this has nothing to do with China or the people of that country, it's just made in china products that I am in dislike with). Anyway, kudos for NYX on that part :)

* I was sick for a couple of days. :'( Luckily enough I only had a mild cold, but have been hearinga lot about H1N1. H1N1 flu seems to be really dangerous so always be careful on what you touch and where you sit and eat when you are outside. And always wash your hands when you come in from outside :D

Also, did you guys hear about the Yale girl getting murdered and stashed in between the walls of the laboratory at her school? Always be aware of your surroundings and be alert! The world is a scary place :'(

- Catalina -

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  1. Ohh, I like the watermelon and electra lipstick! I totally feel you on the mac thing, 18.50 can only get you 1 eyeshadow, lol. Nice haul!

  2. haha, they are pretty exciting colors :) I actually hauled all of this because of watermelon. LOL
    Pinkiecharm was talking about watermelon and how much she likes it.. and I was like "I want that too (drools)!" and it led to grabbing a lot more than just one watermelon :p

  3. I bought from cherry culture a few days ago too, all nyx stuff, i got 16 items for exactly 40$ bucks =P good deal ! I feel stupid now, i got the wrong shade of lip gloss =( i was meaning to get apricot but somehow selected " real nude" . I wanted to get on the bandwagon and get the round lipsticks/lipglosses and the jumbo eye pencils . You made me also get Indian pink =P it looked so pretty on you

  4. darnnnnn the watermelon one is so pretty! :D
    but my lips have kinda purpley undertones so i dont think itd work for me :'(
    and the yale girl thing is so sad!! everybody please stay safe!

  5. cool haul! i like it when cherry culture has free shipping deals too and that's when i usually do my nyx haul hehehehe. ooo watermelon looks pretty! I have narcissus too, it's such a cute bright pink color :)

  6. Thanks for the swatches! I bought 12 NYX lipsticks in the past and most of them became blackish after a while! So take care, yah?

  7. Oh, i really love your blog..and i just buy NYX lipstick and other stuff also via blogger.. hehe, actually i live in HK.

  8. Sometime it can be quite reassuring seeing an non made-in-China cheap makeup item after all those coastal scent craze.

    Actually when I shopped there last time I was a bit happy when I saw my NYX brushes was made in Korea (but then the 2 brushes are both defective... I have many Stila brushes that are all Made in China but non of them were that flimsy. Now I just think it depends on the brand and my luck.)

  9. watermelon and summerlove are prettyyy * - *

    oh goshhh, the end bit about the girl being murdered and stashed between walls is terrible D;
    some people are so sick...

  10. So the NYX round lipsticks you just received was not Made In China?


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