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Err.. A Goo Hara Look

I think lower lashlines have a lot to do with how I look. I didn't emphasize so much on my lower lashlines today, and my made up look looks.. somewhat.. weird =/
I did a tut on this look today (still editing) and will post a video on this post when the video is up.

It was a Goo Hara inspired look.. and.. haha, I realized that it wasn't all about makeup, it's all about her dolly face!

Anyway, the whole thing was about her Cat eyes, or rather, fish-tail eyes.
here's a blow up of her eyes.

And I think it was one of the most uncomfortable tutorials ever. The lenses kept drying out my eyes and I was literally squinting and crying the whole tutorial. And for some reason, I look like I aged 10 years since last tut. =/ maybe it's because of all the junk food I am eating lately. Or because my stress level has shot up like crazy.

Anyway, here's a look of the finished look (I'm not trying to say I look anything like Hara, I just liked her makeup -_-;)
this is after the tut.. wasn't really happy with it.. I might not post it

And here's an evening shot w/o the blue lenses and after a nap.
check out how the eyeliner didn't smudge at all! even after a nap! (and trust me, I'm a wild napper. I roll all over the place)

Anyway, just another FOTD
here's my very unhealthy diet :'(

Sep. 2. 2009 (Wed)

Breakfast: Cheerio + nonfat milk + OJ + Coffee
Lunch: Big fat PIzza (my demons!!) consisted of cheese + black olives + jalapeno peppers + pineapple + mushrooms
Dinner: Twirlly pasta with 100% tomato sauce mixed with mushrooms + kale + a fake sausage patty

Sep. 03. 2009 (Thu)

Same stuff all over again
Breakfast (it's pretty much ALWAYS this. sometimes a bagel is thrown in, but not lately)
Lunch: left over pizza
Dinner: Skipping because somebody couldn't manage their time

I shouldn't eat pizza anymore.. it's making me thirsty all day long :p

So, let me know what your demon food is. I'm curious!

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  1. ur hair looks fantastic!! could u do a tutorial for how u got such pretty waves!!?? I think ur eyes look very dollish :)

  2. pizza two days in a row!?!! =O! actually, its really hard to eat healthy in the city .. there's all kinds of yummy food on every block haha ;]

  3. I like your vids! I eat loads of junk too especially after work and all you want is to stuff yourself with food! Bad for you! ahha

  4. i think you look gorgeous nonetheless :)

  5. I'm afraid that it's pizza for me too. x_x; I can eat pizzas once a week a whole school year long. I don't know why, but it's like my stress food, haha..


  6. That pizza looks delish! Ahh, sorry your lenses were giving you a hard time hun. I think you look real nice with this look. I really like your hair in the picture.

  7. I stress out a lots these days too - got 3 exams last week and still have to hand in some coursework and also the final project at the end of this month =(

    btw, i dont have a demon food, but I have a demon drink - coca cola, I know it is very unhealthy, but I just cant resist, I drink at least 500ml per day, but when I have to deal with a lots of works + stress I need at least 1 litre a day to cheer me up...

  8. i don't think it you look that much older, i think it's the baby cheeks =p I like the eyemakeup though.. it looks so clean and bright. Hehe.. pizza looks so good, though i banned pizza from my diet a looong time ago, my demon food is probably sweets , chocolate, nachos xD only once a month though :3 btw , did u send me the mac blush? it's been a while since the contest ended( no hurry though, im just wondering maybe you forgot or something ,but take your time) :D

  9. I agree with the lower lash thing. I tried putting mascara on my lower lashes and it looks weird!

  10. your face shape and eyes remind me a lot of the talented/beautiful singer Mika Nakashima! =D

  11. Nah, you still look gorgeous!! :D I ate 3 slices of pizza today... sad face. I've been so healthy lately too, meh, oh well.

    Which eyeliner did you use!? -Nothing- lasts on me.

  12. your make up looks so cute! the pizza looks so deelish!demon foods for me are FRENCH FRIES >< I am currently fasting from this 1 item lol

  13. Sorry ladies about the late reply

    @Blovet beauty: hehe, thankies :D It's actually the look from my Amuro inspired dolly hair look :p

    @bliss&sparkles: haha, pizza is just too good to resist :p

    @Sush: it was xp

    @funkiimonkee: haha, I know :'( Junk food is so badddd

    @CHAIGYARU: thank you!! I checked out your blog! really awesome!!!

    @Cookiie: haha, I could eat pizza every single day! :p I wonder why delicious food can't be good for your health! TT~TT

    @Dee: thank you! haha, I'm having such a hard time trying to edit out the lenses going crazy XD

    @CutieShiny: aww, I hope you do well on your exams :) and haha, you're like my dad. My dad used to drink coke like water when he was young :p

    @Ushishi: OMG!!! now I really want nachos!!!!! it's all your fault!! LOL
    Oh, and I sent them out, I think you'll get it soon :) sorry, three of the packages came back and I had to send them out again. It will be in a yellow envelope

    @anna: I know~ lower lashlines are mad tricky :'(

    @reveriepapillon: haha, I'm flattered :) I like mika!! aisiteru~~~ (her song LOL)

    @Lily M.: LOL we can have a pizza eating competition. I can eat like 5 slices :p!! oh, and it's a combination of liquid liner+pencil liner+ eye shadow to keep things in place..

    @lilluna5416: haha, OMG... I shouldn't have ask you guys the question. I want nachos and fries and pizza again!! XD

  14. wow, great tutorial! luv luv luv it! i am a fan eversince i first watched your vids :) im just wondering if you can do Son Ga In's of Brown Eyed Girls makeup in Abracadabra mv? her eyes were awesome! i want to copy it but don't know how :( hope you do a tutorial that looks the same with her make up.thanks and more success!


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