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Korean Blog!!

Hi guys :)

I meant to make a video today, but started making a Korean blog, and just wanted to finish it since I get super stressed out when I leave things unfinished :'(

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know - it's going to have similar posts and reviews as this English blog, only it's going to be written in Korean.

Here's my blog address if you're curious :D

Currently I'm transferring and translating most of my blog stuff (beauty related) to the other blog so my Korean audience could enjoy too ^^
I'm so determined to finish this by midnight tonight!
Sorry about the late videos and check out the blog - I think Korean blogs are fancy and cool :P

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  1. That's a lot of work! Many many posts to translate. Good luck!!
    I'm sure they'll like it as much as we do. ^__^

  2. I'm glad you're translating to Korean! I'm also Korean and this way I can learn more Korean.! :)

  3. wow thats awesome, translating your blog to korean, good luck!! i wish i knew korean, i really wanna learn

  4. This would so help me with my Korean! All I can do is read and write some. I'm really happy you're doing this, lol. I've always loved Korean blogs. I was going to get a cyworld, but I don't like the english version, haha.


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