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My.. err.. Princess mirror

hahahahaha, some of you guys commented about the princess mirror in my haul video. It's from Beauty Credit and was 2000 won, which is like $1.80 - really cheap. My friend laughed at me saying that she never saw anyone purchase such thing (since these are more freebie-ish things they easily give out). But ANYWAY, I thought it was funny and wanted one so I can carry it around and use it when needed.

The problem is... either the mirror is too small, or my freakin face is too big. (I think it's both).
My face doesn't fit in the mirror when held close, so I have to extend my arm .. and by doing that, I can't see the details on my face. (rawr!!)

So I decided to give it to my penguin.

LOL problem is, their faces are quite big too LOL.
see how small the mirror is..

I don't even know what to do with this LOL
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  1. Aww! I still find the mirror cute especially for your penguin :). I always wanted one of those handheld princess mirrors too, but I opted to just buy a compact flip one from Anna Sui so it wouldn't look as awkward XD.

  2. yeah.. thats why they give it for literally

  3. I'm looking for a princess mirror, for a living room though :) I love big mirrors, helps me check the finer details of my makeup!

  4. I love how your penguin is checking himself out X)
    Too cute!!
    Btw Anna Sui makes awesome mirrors of different sizes; I own one of them that flips open (its rectangular) and I never leave the house without it!

  5. awww, the mirro is so pretty...
    and ur penguins are sooo cute!! ^_^

  6. LOL poor penguin he probably feels fat seeing himself in the mirror >.< lol but nontheless it is a very pretty mirror!

  7. That mirror is adorable, maybe give it some time to get use to? But that mirror suits your penguin well!

  8. @Lisa: haha, thanks, Oh, I used to have that anna sui mirror too. I lost it while I was moving back and forth from the states to korea :'( I want one again now...

    @Anonymous: ic, but thank god I didn't pay more

    @Blovet Beauty: haha, I love big mirrors too. I really wish I had a permanent place so I could start decorating my house :'( I can't even put a nail through the wall because of the stupid deposit..

    @LK: haha, it's amazing how you automatically knew he was a boy :p I love anna sui mirrors too! It's just really hard to get them here in the state :'( I think that Anna Sui mirror is a legend!

    @PoPBlush: aww thank you >_<

    @Stacieee: Amazing how you guessed his sex right LOL It's okay :p Penguins are cuter when they are chubbier XD

    @Dee: I found use of it! I use it when I put my eye liner on, so I guess it was worth 2 dollars :p

  9. you're so pretty!! i love your eyes!


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