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My First Barry M Dazzle Dusts :D

Yay! They finally came!
I was always curious about BarryM's Dazzle Dusts and was searching ebay for one, and this seller had 2 up for $7.00 each. considering that only three individual items were listed on ebay, I thought it was a good deal.

The thing that sucks for us here in the state is it's hard to get our hands on stuff like this because of the shipping coast exceeding the actual product cost. Anyway, I had no choice in the colors since it seemed the seller bought these out of curiosity on her trip to the UK and decided not to keep them. One was in number 98, and the other 90.
I solely got these because of 98.

So here's how they look like. *they are tiny in size*

they don't look that small since they are next to each other, but they are as small as a quarter.
If you dip a regular shadow brush in there, it'll fill up the opening.

On the bottom, there are the numbers for each shade.
I got 98 (Petrol Black) and 90 (Pearly Mauve). I had no choice since the seller was only selling these two LOL.
But the 98 really made me buy these two since it looked like a very promising color +_+

I think 98 is the newest color?

It reminds me of a fly.

Especially when it's under some intense light (like a camera flash)
something like this..?

It's actually very pretty because the shimmers change color under different lighting. The original color is an extremely dark redish-brown (almost close to black, but if you look closer, it's more of a dark brown) and it seems like it has red undertoned-purple sparkles (I don't know if this makes sense LOL).
But if I take a picture with the flash on, the shimmers come out like that fly picture. It has turquoise and greenish tones that stand out.
Pretty impressive!

I think that fly picture sums up my whole explanation for 98! haha
The eyes are the color of the original color when examined under natural light, and it's body and wings are exactly how the shadow looks like with the flash on :p

Ok, moving on to the 90 (Pearly Mauve) color.
I didn't particularly have any expectations for this color. I just bought it since the seller had these two up together and combined shipping made this free shipping, so I felt like "why not".

It's actually a very pretty lavender color (not mauve at all :p) and really reminds me of one of my NARS shadow (I think the name is Strada.. or something close to that), except this one has silvery shimmers in it (Strada has gold)

When swatched, it comes off a bit lighter than the 98 petrol and doesn't pack up as much as 98 does. When photographed without any flash, it looks rather dull and dry.

But I've come to a conclusion that BarryM's dazzle dusts are meant to be photographed under flash. LOL
Look at the major difference when the flash is off and on! The color and shimmers instantly transfer into a gorgeous glow when under a camera flash :) it almost looks like lilac cream.

Anyway, that was my small package I got today :D
My initial impressions of BarryM dazzle dusts are pretty good

Nice pigmentation
awesome 3D shimmer effects that I haven't seen before
cheap cost
versatility in use (subtle and/or dramatic)

Sucky packaging (a bit too small)
no inner lid to prevent DD getting all over the place
Only sells in the UK

these are the lenses I was wearing in my Beauty Blender video.
They look really light, and I wanted something near white (hehe), but when they are worn, they look a bit too natural. so if you guys are into natural looking color lenses, these are the ones to go for

these are from doll.ten (meaning doll shop in Japanese), and the model number is CH625

I wonder if there will ever be a cl2425 model number LOL

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  1. I wonder if you took the picture of the fly yourself...

    I like the lilac one (apparently beside lilac and teal, all the other colors look weird on my face.)but I don't like loose shadow because they have a tendency to get everywhere...

    Anyway, I wish they sell BarryM in US (and replace the stupid Boot No.7) since I saw some really pretty nail color and a purple lipstick the have that looks just like mac lavender whip.

  2. i just got grey lens too but they are so much darker than urs. I much prefer ur circle len !

  3. Nice tiny hall!! You know, sells these dusts as well. And they ship to north america :)

  4. I wanted to try some Barry M too! They look really pigmented in all of the swatches I've seen so far. They do look better with a flash, lol. I think you can order on the main barry m site, though I haven't checked yet.


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