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Simple FOTD Sep.1.2009

I used MUFE glitter #4 on my lids and then a bit of CS 88 Shimmer purple (any color is okay) along the lash line.
I used Lancome Le Crayon Kohl + Sephora colorful mono Mat. No.1 to draw my lashlines
I used Armani Maestro Mascara in Black
and face is revlon colorstay liquid foundation + Lancome dual finish powder
Lips: Lancome Color Fever in Sizzling

This was basically a Frankenstein look because I had to demonstrate some products in my August fav. video.

Video filmed @ 1:00PM, pictures taken @9:20PM.
People ask me about eyeliners smudging, and I think I prefer the liners smudging a bit because it gives my eyes a bit more character. I like how the black shadow allows the eyeliner to naturally blend into the skin tone and create a gradated look. If you compare my video and my pictures, pictures definitely look more smoked out.

With no lenses.. This is my original eye color :p

With my baby penguin <3

Glasses are sexy~ and so are penguins <3

Sorry, my room has yellow lighting =/ pictures come out sucky blah~~
I should really get a small digital camera. I can't take pictures of myself with an SLR.. it keeps on focusing on wrong things (like penguins in the background or on the frizziness of my hair..) and the camera is too heavy to keep trying until I get a decent picture (sigh..)

---- [ another FOTD - Food Of The Day ^^ ] ----

haha, a lot of you have asked me what I eat as a vegetarian.
I don't eat meat whatsoever, and I don't eat any sort of seafood - so that limits my diet to a very narrow range of food.
I decided to upload pictures of meals I eat to give you guys a general idea of what typical vegetarians eat :) and no, we are not bunnies.. we don't live on salad.

- Dinner (Everything is organic and/or natural) -

* Annie's Mac n' Cheese (Soy milk used instead of milk)
* Morning star farms Hickory BBQ Riblets (These are SOOO good!! even if you are a carnivore, you should try these! )
* Organic white Corn
* Organic Kale

- Catalina -

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  1. You look adorable, Cat. Especially with your cute penguin! ^______^ I love this look on you! I almost didn't think it was you! Lol...beautifully done.

  2. luv the catty eyes look and cute penguin!

  3. Your "frankenstein" look is still so pretty :) The food pics are interesting.. props to you for being a committed vegetarian!

  4. Purple really makes you look sultry. I'm not a vegetarian (actually I tried once and failed miserably, lol) but those riblets look yummy!

  5. Are you more of a vegan than vegetarian since you replaced the milk with soy? Do you eat cheese and eggs? Do you eat pastries made with butter?

  6. Thank you guys :) ya'll so nice!!
    haha, and vegetarianism is pretty easy for me. I took an Animal Rights class during my senior year and that had a huge impact on me :p plus, I feel better munching on greens :D

    Oh, and I'm not a vegan. I eat cheese and eggs, and I try to avoid things with butter in it but when I eat out, there are obviously a lot of food that have like a stick of bitter in it :'(
    and I eat cereal every morning, so I practically have a bit of milk everyday. :) Soy milk was used because I didn't have milk around when dinner was made :p


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