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Some other random hauls

Err.. really don't want to turn my blog into a haul posting blog, but I felt the need to post and let you guys know what I'm buying :)

So, a while ago, I finally got the Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation. It is so talked about, and provides massive coverage, doesn't grease up, stays in place all day long (and then I can go on and on about how good it is).
Anyway, here's a shot of double wear, I got my shade in 17 or 1W1 in "Bone"

It has spf 10, and is 30ml (like most foundations). It comes in a rectangular container with no pump.. (boo.. - but I heard that if you cut the stem of MAC's pump or shove it in real hard, it'll fit the bottle neck..). It's suppose to give you medium to full coverage and stay in place all day long.

I've only used this a couple of times, so can't really comment on it because I want to play around with it more, but I like it so far :) I really want to love it - and try all sorts of combinations out.

If you want to see what shade suits you, I think the Estee Lauder site is the best (and they give you samples and free shipping if you shop over 50 dollars!)
The shades may be a bit confusing but basically the letters in between the numbers are the tones. So W means Warm tones, N means Neutral tones, and C means Cool tones :)

And I finally got my first package from a while ago. According to pinkiecharm, BC is the only authorized site to sell discounted stila cosmetics (or so.. can't remember her exact quote). Anyway, I was always looking at the site and never really had the urge to buy anything.. until I saw the ULTAmate set.
So I ordered two things from the site. The ULTAmate set (which they don't say so on the site, I don't know why...) and the smudgepot trio set.

When I opened the box and saw how tiny the smudgepots were, I felt a bit cheated..
The description only sited "smudgepots" and I definitely thought they were going to be regular retail sized ones. Instead, they were tiny...
but oh well... they were only 12 dollars (regular smudgepots retail for 20 dollars at Sephora), and I think it'll be better since I can quickly use them up and move on.

The reason why I was looking at BeautyCrunch was to see if they had the famous "Kitten" Shadow. I swatched it at Sephora and liked it. As I was browsing, I found the ULTAmate set, and it seemed like a good deal. It's not like those stupid combo sets where you get some good stuff and then the other stuff that tagged along are shitty stuff you'll never use. This set was up for 18 dollars, and everything in it was pretty decent!
I feel like I scored on this one!
This is what you get for 18 dollars.
1. Convertible color dual lip and cheek cream - Peony
(I love pinkicharm's reviews and she raved about this shade, so I'm really looking forward to it.)
2. Full sized Stila major lash Mascara in Black
3. Full Sized Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer in Shade 1 (lucky me :p that's my shade!)
4. Full Sized Shimmer shadow in Mystic
5. Full Sized Shimmer shadow in Golightly
6. Full Sized Ultra Shimmer Shadow in Kitten
7. Full sized shimmer shadow in Wheat
8. Full sized lipglaze in "Ulta"mate pink

And then, last but not least...
I went out today, and was passing the MAC store.. Ugh, just had to step in and I started asking the MUA about concealers (if I should get an NC or a NW) - and he said that since I don't really have dark circles, I should just get NC and took the product to the counter, and before I knew it.. I was walking out of the store with a concealer in my hand -_-;;;;
But I am willing to try this concealer out, since whatstyleistonickel had a video of what he couldn't live without and was raving about the mac studio finish concealer, I decided to try it out.
To me, MAC is like an old boyfriend. You hate him, yet you love him. You wish you could live without him, yet if you think about it you can't live without him. You want liberation from him, yet you're so dependent on him... and so on. I have this really big love/hate relationship with MAC, but I am trying my best to love and appreciate it as much as others do. So, here goes my new journey with this concealer :D hope I like it!!

And then.. here's just a simple EOTD.
I used..
HERA HD foundation (LOVE!! the more I use it, the more I like it!)
ETUDE HOUSE - Face designing powder
KATE Dual carat eyeshadow in BR01 (both shades)
MAC Black Tied eyeshadow (for the outer V)
TONLY MOLY Brown Eyeliner Gel (Great product!! doesn't smear AT ALL! LOVE!!)
MISSHA 4D Mascara
Sephora Colorful Mono Mat No.1 (for setting the gel liner and eyebrows)

And.. um.. a random shot near madison square park. Because the weather was superb!


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  1. I think you got lucky with your beautycrunch haul! Apparently a lot of the stuff they resell is pretty old. My friend ordered a Stila set from there and the mascara was all dried up. Pretty gross.

  2. Ahh I've always wanted to try the EL foundation! I saw it on a Taiwanese beauty show once and it seems amazing!

  3. @Laur: really? yeah.. I guess that's the down-side of discounted places. Did your friend get her money back? they should def. refund everything. that's just not right!

    @anna.: haha, EL DW is such a huge hype in Asia! I haven't tried it enough to make a statement, but I'll let you guys know how I like it down the road.

  4. i love ur stila buys!! smudgepot is really good. I bought it long ago when I didn't really know how to use cream liners... still it was easy to use.. love ur EOTD too.. beautiful eyes!

  5. Let me know how it goes with your haul! You got some very nice products.

    Lovely EOTD.

  6. Catalina, I just went to the beautycrunch site and guess what I found?

    A Korean speaking Palette from Stila. That's so awesome! Haha.

  7. @Blovet Beauty: haha, I'm looking forward to use it then :p I don't have that much stila products - I hope they give me a good impression :D hehehe, thank you always for the nice thoughtful comments :D

    @Jamilla Camel: *Squeal!* I always go to your blog and drool over everything XD hehe, I feel honored! I will keep updating on the stuff I got ^0^ thanks!!

    @Vivi: I Know! LOL I'm still on the fence about those :p if you're going to get them, let me know >.<

  8. I use Bone too!! I love that foundation,, little dry for me but it has great coverage~ I love em!

  9. How did your MAC Studio Fix Concealer go?? I'm planning to buy a better concealer but one that is not so expensive so I've been looking at the MAC Studio Fix.. Please let me know how it worked out for you! :)

  10. Sorry, I meant the MAC Studio Finish Concealer.. >.<


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