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Thigh High Boots!... Finally???!!

I was flipping through a magazine.. and I'm pretty sure ya'll know that September issues are huge in the magazine industry. There were tons of amazing advertisements, and tons of thigh-high boots here and there. And then.. I saw this one article, stating that OTK (Over-the-knee) boots were the trend from major designers this season. click here to see more pictures and a blog post or here

Sorry... my iphone is just asking for murder =/
it states "So long, ankle boots. Well, for the moment at least. All the biggies - Prada, Marc Jacobs, Hussein Chalayan - have gone OTK (over-the-knee). Sure they're bold and yes, killer gams are a prerequisite, but when they're paired with wintery mini, an oversized sweater and some attitude, they're surprisingly easy to pull off. Now Strut!"

I was like yay!!! finally?!!!!
Amuro Namie (who is one of my ultimate style icons) has been sporting thigh-high boots like forever, and finally major designers have started to bring it into fashion mainstream. :)

Since they started now, I'm sure it's going to take a year or two to hit the general public but ladies.. go get your thigh-high boots! :D They are really flattering and makes your legs look so long and slim~ I love them :)))

I've been hauling mine around for 2 years now, and I think I'm going to start wearing them starting this winter. *grins*
ugh.. LOL just a shot of excited me trying on my boots~
Sorry everything is black. That's my fashion LOL I barely wear colors.. especially in the winter.
and I don't usually wear baggy or oversized clothes, so here's my take on thigh high boots
(sorry no face :p I still have my glasses on + crazy bed head hair)

- Catalina -

** Just a side note. I am planning to go white water rafting.. has anyone tried that in the places up north - like Maine or PA? curious~ Don't want to go down too much though

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  1. You look gorgeous with those boots! So OTK boots are coming back eh? I shall start wearing mines that have been collecting dust, lol. I wear black a lot in the winter too, looks sleek. And damn, I want your lean legs!<3

  2. Damn, your boots are HOT. You have such thin legs! I want!!

  3. i love yours! where did you get them?

  4. Wow they look great on you! I didn't think that thigh-high boots would look good, but you showed me otherwise!

  5. Very cute and sexy! I felt dubious about OTK, as they reminded me of Julia Robert's pirate hooker boots from "Pretty Woman," but you pull them off really well. Plus, they must be extra warm in the winter too! Are yours microfiber? I'm not sure about splurging a few hundred on leather boots, as I have 3 pairs of knee-high already... =(

  6. @✿Ji✿: thankies girl :D

    @Dee: I guess they are ^__^ I have been waiting for this moment for years LOL I think black is the best for winter! haha, and err.. this mirror is just too good.

    @aniiita89: get a pair!! they are so useful! :D

    @anna: LOL actually not.. I have pretty thick legs. ='( the boots just covered up all the chubbiness

    @C.: I got them online 2 years ago. I don't know if the site is still up. I got mince from shoemall. But I think they are out of these. The exact model is "Neige" from moda spana
    here's a reference page:

    -- like 3 years ago though.. :(

    @Miss K.You: haha, I think a lot of things are different from what you think it will look like, and what it actually looks like when you try it on :D

    @miriground: LOL thank you :p actually there are so many naughty costume places that sell thigh-high boots :p Mine are def. microfiber boots. I try to avoid leather products since.. err.. its actually from animals :'( but on top of that, I'm pretty rough with my shoes so expensive boots will go to a waste really quickly :p And if you already have 3, you should definitely go for affordable & chic boots :DDD (if you need any :p)

  7. I love your boots and whole outfit! You look so tall and skinny.. How tall are you? I want to start on a diet after seeing this picture haha

  8. u are one sexy lady! u should wear these knee high boots all the time!!

  9. Thanks for the advice! I think I'll browse in the West Village this weekend... :D hmmm it will be fun to try them on even if they're a look I can't pull off since I am pretty short. At the very least, I will have a good laugh if they go wayyy beyond my mid-thighs

  10. yay Amuro!
    ur boots are so nice! ur lucky you have nice legs cos mine are stubby as hahaha :)

  11. i thought you were going to korea..... thigh high boots would be awesome if only short people could pull it off too. lol. ur lucky.

  12. @Carol: LOL it's the magic mirror :p I'm 5'6"

    @Blovet Beauty: haha, thanks, err.. but It's hard to bend the knees

    @mrirgoround: don't be so hard on yourself :'( there's a lot of things that are made to flatter the human body, and I think boots are one of them ;)

    @Evee: yay! :) I actually have really thick legs (especially no ankles..-_-).. but boots cover my legs up just fine :p

    @anonymous: I was going to, but I've already written on my blog why I couldn't go :} just a lot of reasons kept me from going to Korea. Boots + mini skirts suit every height~

  13. i loooove namie~ and her boots~! but i think my legs are too fat to fit into any~ >_< but they look great on u! hehe

  14. ooo those boots you have a super sexy!!

  15. Your boots are gorgeous! You've definitely got the legs for them :]

  16. man ive been looking for thigh high boots for awhile too! hehee.. they look awesome on uuu!

  17. Oh YAY! I've wanted a pair of thigh-highs since I saw Mila Jovavich wear them in Resident Evil. But I am 4'8"..... :-(

  18. Love the LOOK. My daughter's are going to go crazy over them!!

  19. Love the LOOK. My daughter's are going to go crazy over them!!

  20. Love the LOOK. My daughter's are going to go crazy over them!!

  21. Love the LOOK. My daughter's are going to go crazy over them!!

  22. such a nice boots!

  23. You look so hot, are they this season also a hit. love otk's


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