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Things I consider when I buy foundation

Hi all :)
I just wanted to share some tips on how I choose and buy my makeup. Everybody has different ways on how they decide and what they like about products, so no judging -.- these are just my standards.

* Foundation *

A lot of people seem to make a big issue out of "greasing out" or "becoming oily by mid-day". If you are an oily person, I think that is totally normal. I would be worried if I didn't become oily because that is really unnatural for an oily person and that means that the foundation you have on your face is blocking the natural happenings of your face. I would fear that my oil glands will be artificially clogged up which will lead to break outs or worsening of my skin condition.

So, oiling up is really not that much of an issue for me.

What I really consider is "does it get cakey after mid-day?". It bothers me when I see streaks of makeup pushed around the surface of my face or especially around my eyebrow areas. For instance, Chanel Vitalumere doesn't provide full coverage, and I do get a bit oily at the end of the day, but I have absolutely no problem with the foundation sliding around on the surface of my face. Getting oily does not mean your foundation is going to become cakey, and several foundations proved that on me. On the other hand, mark. face xpert gives similar coverage, doesn't oil up easily either, but gets really cakey mid-day. That's a big no-no for me and I tend to shed away from it. I wouldn't say all high-ends don't cake and all drug store products cake, but if I do find a product that does that, I don't reach for it often.

How do I know if the product is going to slide around?
I get sampled first. If it's a Sephora brand, I just ask a MUA there are the spot to clean her/his brushes and apply the right shade of foundation on my face and leave it on all day long and see if it slides around. If there are no MUAs in the store, I disinfect the bottle openings with the alcohol and pads provided, apply foundation on my forehead (that's where most of the sliding happens... above my brows and in between my brows) and leave it on all day long.
If I go to department stores, I definitely ask the MUA to match my shade, and I get a whole face application - and again, leave it on all day long to test it.
Drug store products are a bit trickier since I can't test it out.

I rarely jump on foundations without research or reading reviews and testing them out.

Products that DON'T slide around (on my face - I oil up really fast)
--> use them for important occasions (interviews, socializing events, meeting important people.. when oiliness shouldn't get in the way)
* when they are used 7+ hours on a single day
* Chanel Vitalumiere liquid foundation
* Chanel Blanc Essentiel (pressed compact foundation)
* Bobbi Brown Oil-Free foundation
* Chanel Teint Protection Lumiere

Kindda..., but not really.. (forgivable & still lovely)
--> more like everyday usage. Everybody knows how greasy I am, so this is at a forgivable level
* Revlon colorstay foundation
* MUFE HD foundation
* Estee Lauder Double Wear
* Chanel Vitalumiere Compact (seriously.. the liquid type it so much better)

Slides around like butter on a heated pan..
--> ...... I only use them once in a while for no particular reason
* mark. xpert face
* MAC studio fix fluid
* MAC studio fix
* Lancome Dual Finish (when used as powder-foundation alone, not as a setting powder)

It's just my opinion. I don't blot oil away, don't do touch ups and leave everything as it is from morning to evening. I don't touch my face because I have a huge fear of germs on my hands. I don't let others touch my face... because I fear germs on their hands too. -_-;; especially guys since some seem to have issues with not washing hands after going to the bathroom, but that's a whole other story. (And I'm not referring to my bf!! LOL he is 100x OCD than I am)
So, literally it is just oil pumping out, and the foundation is put to test whether or not it is going to stay in place.

- Side note:
* Foundation-ish thing I am eyeing to buy when I am done with my currents: Perfekt Skin perfecting Gel (tried it twice at Sephora and loved it LOL)

Foundations I want to try out..
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty your skin foundation (heard heaps of good reviews on this one!), Missha Radiance compact foundation, Clinique Superbalanced foundation, ... what else? ^_^ I'm willing to try a lot of stuff since I like foundations

What's your HG foundation? share it with me :)
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  1. I really like Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation. It's a light - medium coverage and the texture is great. I do find myself getting a little bit oilier wearing this foundation compared to my other products. However, it goes on smoothly, stays even and keeps your face vibrant and glowy. I typically blot 1x a day after lunch which is enough. If I'm going out to dinner I'll blot once again around 5pm. There's no need for touchup.

    Powder foundations tend to get streaky/cakey on me. Especially mineral ones. Which is why I stopped using Everyday Minerals.

  2. do you have any recommendations for really light, sheer foundations (tinted moisutisers) ? ^^

  3. hey girl, you should try Lancome's Photogenic Lumessence Foundation AND Loreal's True Match Super Blendable Foundation =).....(i LOVE the lancome one and im oily)

  4. i realized i have similar skin tones as you but i can never seem to find the right shade for my foundations, what shade are you for the mac fix fluid and revlon colorstay?

  5. Great reviews. There's nothing worse than your foundation sliding off mid-day; it just ruins the look :(

    My favourite HG foundation, well I have a few awesome ones:
    -Shiseido Maquillage Climax Moisture Powdery (really great compact powder that provides medium coverage and keeps the oil away for most of the day)
    - Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Foundation (good for not-so-long days; oil control isnt that great, but it looks really natural on and covers imperfections well!)

    I also like the Hanskin BB Cream (the original) even though the coverage isn't that great. But it looks so natural on :)

  6. may i ask waht shade you are in MAC studio fix ?
    because i think my aunt might be the same shade as you , :]
    i wanna make sure before i get it for her

  7. I use the Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation for the times when I'm meeting ppl or more formal occasions as I find it's a nice mat coverage (I'm a bit of a slave for Japanese products) and I mix it with a mat gel moisturiser to thin it out a little. For everyday use, I'll just smooth on a little korean BB cream and dust with some loose powder to set it. No touch ups required but I am a blotter user as I hate shine. There's too much humidity where I live. Doesn't streak or smear at all and has ingredients which are great for the skin (feels super smooth when you put it on). Not liking the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish...I tend to find it's oily-ish which I thought was odd because they recommend it for humid climates. Maybe I just hate shine and it leaves a sheen.

  8. I feel the exact same way when it comes to foundation. I don't touch up my makeup either. I heard that Vitalumere was the sheerest coverage. Have you tried the Pro Lumere or Mat Lumere? I hear Mat Lumere has the most of coverage out of the bunch.

    Haha, I'm scared to touch my face too, lol. Nice post Catalina!<3

  9. :( my HG us kanebo sensai fluid finish foundation - but they discontinued it in the US minus like one mall in NYC (don't live there...!)~ so I have to find a new one! I have combination/acne prone skin, and that one has worked out the best for me! I'll keep your suggestions in mind when I restart my hunt for another HG... ~!

  10. i like how u test it out b4 buying.. its important to read reviews and know the product and test it out on ur skin... great tips!

  11. Hmm... I'm interested in BB's oil free foundation. I'm NC25 and has olive undertones. #2.5 looks kinda pink to me though... =(
    Anyway I'm trying out Everyday Minerals. ^_^

  12. I currently do not have a particular foundation that I will swear by, BUT I do currently use Revlon and Sephora Brand foundations, I am looking to experiment with some others.

    I have a very odd skin tone and skin type, I have oily places, dry places, and normal places,and I have a very, very fair complexion with a lot of yellow and olive tones in it, more so yellow then olive, but the olive is there and makes it VERY difficult to find a good match.

    But that is what I have to share. ^_^

  13. Clinique superbalanced liquid foundation is my faovorite foundation. I am super oily (I also don't like to touch up during the day), the foundation lasts so long, and I'm almost done with my second bottle.

  14. I highly recommend Clinique Superbalanced liquid foundation. I also have oily skin and don't ever touch up throughout the day. I'm almost through the second bottle because it has great coverage and just lasts all day.


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