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Larger than life ambitions (hurry up!)

Happy halloween everyone :)

btw, there is no blogtv tonight! go out and party!!

I think my upcoming lipstick video is a very good portrait of how my life has always been. When it comes to things like this, I am (or I strive to be) a perfectionist. I set a larger-than-life, super ambitious goal and struggle to accomplish it. I filmed a whopping 1 hour and 23minutes long video yesterday and am trying to trim it down to 20 minutes. I have talked a lot about this and have had several drum rolls, and I feel the pressure to execute a helpful and informative video since you guys are taking time to watch it. I wouldn't like people just babbling nonsense if I decided to invest some time into watching a video, so I don't want you guys to feel like you have wasted time after watching my videos.

So I have been editing since 6ish yesterday up until 2:30 in the morning, woke up and started editing again since 10:00AM and I am nowhere near finishing.
I was always like this in school too. When I had to write a paper (especially a research paper) and presented my drafts and sources professors would always tell me that my focus was too big and grandiose. They would always have to remind me that it was a mere research paper, not a doctoral dissertation. =/
But then again, I would believe that I could produce an amazing paper if I pushed myself enough, and due to the nature of my slow working progress, I would always end up chasing myself down to the last minute, caught in a dilemma to either (A) turn in the paper late, get grade deductions yet finish it up as an A+++ quality paper, or (B) just ignore minor problem and finish it up no matter what the quality is like and hand it in on time and be an average kid who will be forgotten along with many others? -_-;;

This time I decided to venture and take the hidden option (C)!

let my penguin do the work. LOL

thing is.. he has a very laid back penguinality. He is humming and taking his time but keep in mind that he is giving up his halloween night for this, so please be patient and let's see what he can produce for you guys :p


PS. I'm sorry I'm not responsive. I will answer e-mails, YT messages, cbox messages and blog comments after I'm done with this video. I love you guys :D have fun tonight!!

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  1. yay first to comment!
    your entry was very motive(?)
    it made me strive to do something...
    something productive and do something positive
    am i making any sense? ;;
    hope you have a safe and fun halloween!^^

  2. hahaha you're so cute & funny, personally i wouldn't mind watching a 30 min vid of yours. Hope you have fun too. ^.^

  3. Lol! Catalina, you are hilarious. How are you paying the penguin for his hard work? :)

    Hope you're having a great & safe Halloween!!


    P.S: I don't mind watching long videos. You're very informative, and sometimes not everything can be put into a few minutes worth of video :)

  4. WOW!!! that is going to be a long video... what did you talk about for over an hour??? hahahahah... must be very helpful I'm sure to me trying out some of the brands of lipsticks you recommend. I'll be sure to watch it once u're done editting...either way take ur time.. there is no deadline like a research paper (I'm also a perfectionist back in uni over research papers coz I want to get a good mark for my intense weeks of research and commitment to getting it done perfectly) ahahahahah :)

  5. i love watching ur videos.. can't wait

  6. Hi, I'm on the same way too when it comes homeworks of investigation XD.

    I really want to see the full version of your lipstick collection, i know that you can upload 236 parts of one topic XD, but hope you could ... XD forget it i'm just another blogger.

  7. great job on your lipstick swatch video(s)! ^^


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