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Wow, it's raining heavily in NY right now :p
I was filming a tut today and had to rely on indoor lighting (which I really don't like to do..)
but, here's the FOTD, I'm still editing my video

Oh, and I feel a bit defeated.
I have been torturing my lips lately (trying to get swatches of every single shade of lipstick I have) and it has led to a painful lump to develop on my lower lip. I think I've been rubbing off the colors a bit too intensely... I'm only 1/3 done going through my lippies and I have to stop the swatching process until my lip cures. I don't want to rub my lipsticks on that developing spot >:'( *cries*

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  1. ^_^ Take your time..your lips are very important! And can't wait for the swatches.

  2. You can use upper lip for one color and lower lip for another...if it makes things better.

    Or you can be irresponsible (like me) and just do it on your arm and say..."well unless your lips are exactly the same shade/texture/size as mine, chances are they are going to look different on you...)

  3. cute halloween-costume for the pemguin^^

  4. awww i hope your lip gets better soon!! while i am really anticipating the video, please take however much time it takes for your lip to fully heal! it would be really annoying for it to develop into something further from ignoring it T_T

    love how cute your penguins are looking in the background with their new outfits kekekekke

  5. yikes hope your lip feels better
    cant wait to see the video!

    your pics look sooo glamorous
    너무 예쁘세요!

  6. love the purple look. Im really into purple smoky look this full....

  7. ouch! dont forget to always moisture your lips..

    love your smokey eyes!

  8. dear... just lay off the lipsticks for awhile but keep them moisturised at all times and I'm sure it'll be fine soon... I'm a lover of lipsticks too so I better be careful of wearing it too much and rubbing it off to harshly (when removing). love ur collection of lippies btw...u reckon you'll need more??? haahhaahaha

  9. Love your eyes. You definitely look awesome with those dark smokey looks. Sorry about your lip dear. I hope your lip gets better real soon. Take your time with those swatches babe!<3

  10. hi catalina,
    what kind of color contacts are you wearing in these pics? they look great!

  11. ooh loving you blog. truly great posts. sorry about your lips btw :-S
    if you like beauty you should enter our giveaway. come check it out if you're interested...
    we'll def be back.
    lots of tbag love xx

  12. thanks for the fotd. very pretty! and nice blog btw~

  13. the pictures turned out great, sis. i hope your lips feel better soon ^_^

  14. May I ask which brand of iiquid eyeliner do you use? I can't seem to find one that stays!!Thanks babe!

  15. this is such a great intense look.... can't wait to see your tut on this!!! :o)


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